[SOV] Let us then give an improvement?

1 year ago
Naya_TyanNaya_Tyan Russia Posts: 133
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Hello! I read your reviews on this site:https://community.companyofheroes.com/discussion/245762/okw-luchs-under-performing-for-its-cost#latest. and https://community.companyofheroes.com/discussion/245774/sov-all-conscripts-scaling-late-game-and-the-fate-of-grenadier#latest

OKW sappers can collect resources of the broken equipment and easel cannon.

If you want a change, let's make and figure it out?
I offer such options: (Those who don’t like the idea, please suggest your ideas.)

Option 1: OKW Luchs should have a "Capture Mode".
Everyone noticed that Kubelvagen captures points. So why don't Luchs do the same ability?
Instead of "Camo Ability" give him a "Capture Mode" for capturing points.

A Soviet T-70 should have a "Camo Ability"!
"Capture Mode" and "Recon Mode" Not compatible.
Do you agree?

Option 2: Why are All Nations Medium Tanks improved except the USSR?
Panzer 4 (Wehrmacht and OKW) can improve to ...
M4A3 can improve to ...
Cromwell can improve to ...
T-34 Can not improve ....
I would suggest giving an improvement on the T-34-76 / 85 two or three versions.
2-1. Writing T-34-76 / 85 improvement on OT-34 for 75-100 ammonia. (OT-34 "Flamethrower Tank 34" = Russian version "Огнеметный Танк 34". Replaces the twin machine gun with Flamethrower. Now the tank is effective against the building and the infantry, but durability is reduced by 80-160.)
2-2. Give the T-34-76 / 85 an improvement on "Recon Mode". for 50 ammo. (it starts to work if the equipment does not move for 2-3 seconds. Increases the viewing range + 30% and the firing range + 25%)

Version 3: to give weapons the starting version weapons.
Wehrmacht - Grenadiers can arm MG-42.
USA - Riflemen can arm in the weapon rack
British - Tommies can arm in a gun rack
OKW - Volksgrenadiers can arm STG-44
Soviet - Can not arm the starting version.
Penal Battalion - Initially, return the "Flame Weapon Armament Package" and the ability to "Oorah"!

Version 4:
Combat Engineers - Mosin Rifle, damage 16, accuracy Low.
Sturmpioneer Squad - STG-44 / MP-44, Damage 5, accuracy between high and medium.
I think to remove the "Sturmpioneer Squad" STG-44 / MP-44 to replace them with G-43, damage 10, accuracy Average.
Or "Combat Engineers" give them SVT-40, damage 10, accuracy Average.

At the start of the game, the Sturmpioneer Squad is spamming or already hanging around your base. I think it is necessary to reduce or balance the effectiveness of the two nations.


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    1 year ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 900


    • Luch capture mode: this one is good, though Luch camo mode should not come at the same time with capture mode
    • T70 camo mode: this is not necessary, T70 vet3 has incredible sight range, T70 doesnt have to get into camo mode to scout.


    • T34 vet1 capture mode should be replaced with maingun not destroyed when ram.
    • Giving T34 flamethrower upgrade will make KV8 redundant, giving T34 recon mode will make T70 redundant


    • Between Cons definitely need rework. Perhaps Cons lose their accuracy & gain harder to hit. This make them hold the line better, and merge with Guard,Shock,Penal become attractive.
    • I highly suggest sandbag should be removed from all core infantry, except Conscript. This give all other faction core infantry has firepower, while Cons has defensive.


    • No comment from your ideas, though a weak squad as CombatEng should have their pop down to 4 from 5
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    1 year ago
    Naya_TyanNaya_Tyan Russia Posts: 133
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    Option 3: I would like the PTRV-41 to be removed from the Penalty Battalion. Cause? Since the game has Guards and Conscripts with PTRS-41. So what are the Penalties with PTRS for if they can be given anti-infantry armies?
    6x SVT-40 can do this: 3x Mosin 16 damage and 3x SVT-10 damage.
    There are several improvement options:
    1 - First Aid. It costs 50 ammo. In a non-battlefield squad heals independently.
    2 - Assault kit. It costs 60 ammo (Like Conscripts). Several squad receive PPSH-41 and "Oorah".
    Why do they need to issue PPSH-41 and Oorah? Cause? To quickly destroy bunker buildings opponents and concrete-breaking bunker. Otherwise, why they cost 300 and not 270.

    Option 4: Why do they need 5 people if they do not cope with the initial STG-44 / MP-44 assault engineers OKW?
    USA - Rear Echelon Troops armed with "M1 carbine" (Rapid-fire at medium distances and accurate)
    Wehrmacht - Pioneer Squad armed with "MP-40" (rapid-fire and not much damage)
    OKV - Sturmpioneer Squad armed with STG-44 / MP-44 (Rapid and accurate)
    British - Royal Engineers armed with "Sten 9mm" (Rapid-fire)
    Soviet - Combat Engineers "Mosin" (Not accurate in the vicinity, good damage. Does not have SVT-40 or PPSH-41).
    I had this mind to balance the game.

    Option2: I agree with you about this. 100%
    but still I was talking about improvement. All nations have improved technology except Soviet T-34.
    Maybe some special improvement?

    Option 1: I meant if the OKW is a tactic of taking points, and then the USSR is intelligence. And so in the OKW and the Wehrmacht has a lot of light.
    In what sense is a lot of light?
    The Wehrmacht has the ability of the commander to “drop smoke bombs”, which he drops with the help of an airplane. with this, he also shines.
    The OKW has a commanding ability like the British "Exploration Area".
    Not too much Axis intelligence?

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