Is the IR halftrack Overpowered

1 month ago

I've been wondering this every time I come across an enemy that deploys one of these. I mean it can see through walls, it defeats camo, and has a very large sight radius. What's more is that it survives a hit from a tank.

If this unit is combo'd with a walking stuka or panzerwerfer it causes massive headaches for the allies. Additionally a player can just protect it with mines and invisible rakentenwerfers and it basically can't be killed.

The allies have nothing remotely similar to this vehicle and their abilities casting time are long enough that an attentive player can just pull it away before the ability is cast.

Am I wrong in thinking this?


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    1 month ago
    38Lightning38Lightni… Posts: 123
    No alot of players have felt the same and they only made it cheaper reducing fuel cost from 25 to 0. Neverminde that it has no activation cost or long cool down like majors retreat point and very low manpower drain.
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    5 days ago

    I despise it. As OKW I have used it only very rarely but it cannot even defend itself so any population it uses up, any at all, is not worth it to me. I like the abstraction and I like the mechanic behind it but as a unit it doesn't fit the game balance well. A see-through walls light should be a Commander tree thing, not attached to a unit which regardless of how cheap it is, eats pop and supply. Besides OKW has tons of recon options, Luchs, Puma, and Kubelwagen.

    I think what the IR halftrack highlights to me is how the population cap rule is the weakest link in the game's mechanical card house. It has caused a major controversy for years that some factions can "cheat" it with dismounts, but I don't see why it exists as it does in a game with so many other well though out abstractions and rules. Why can't factions push it up or down with techs or commanders? Why is it just an arbitrary stop on your unit building? What if it was merely an advisory for the maximum sustainable force? Like what if crossing it meant your supply input slowed much faster, stopped entirely, or even reversed?

    Thoughts for a third game I guess.

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