OKW - All - Schwerer Panzer Headquarters (Tier 4)



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    1 year ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 900
    edited March 2019

    PzHQ setup at special points doesnt matter, most of the time its on middle of the map. Its the risk they willing to make.

    The only problem when there are 3 Okw, 1 Ost.
    3 Okw to setup 3 of those on special point. With resource boost from Ost player, it will be alot of challenge.

    pzhq comes later which mean you should have a TD or arty by then.

    • Did you mean Jackson & SU85 come at the same time as PzHQ?
    • Did you mean Katyusha come at the same time as PzHQ?
      Now I know why you think Allied is so strong.

    Tips how to counter Bofors

    • Puma
    • ATgun
    • Mortar
    • Supportgun
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    1 year ago
    mrgame2mrgame2 Posts: 496
    Well 1 brit in 4v4 is enough to build mutli bofors much earlier. But i won't spread out, will prefer to lock down one two important points and support by 1 big pak, like 2 bofor, 1 motor, 1 big pak, for total lock down.

    Brit can then offer either churchill or firefly to support team mates. I did play before such organised team, and i tell you Brit emplacement is more a bitch than pzhq.

    A tip back to topic, pzhq is not a problem, it is fun aysmetric design but no where overpowered.

    TS please stop.
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    1 year ago
    Patrol_OmegaPatrol_Om… Posts: 301
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    Still, perform the same? Please do us all a favor and test them on Cheat Mod, if you haven't even read patch notes nor test the units, then there is no need to keep arguing with you. There is even a reason why Advance Emplacement Regiment exists on the game

    There is no denial of how advantageous this T4 HQ is, not having any restrictions towards being built in special capture zones, not requiring an upgrade to get the turret on top of it nor adding pop cap for it Lol.

    Axis factions are meant to make playstyle easier as they still have this kind of awkward On release date attributes. However, as the game evolves and things get nerfed (Bofors) or buffed (Panzer IV) playing on any faction should feel in equal terms. Therefore the objective of this post is reworking the OBW to equal levels of difficulty as other factions, by prohibiting the construction of this amazing T4HQ inside of special capture zones territory. However, nerfing the damage so it can't melt down medium tanks just like Bofors can't is quite appealing as well.

    After all OBW players tend to rush this
    next to VP or FD, so they can forget about it while pushing other territories for a chill lame game, not to mention that they don't even have to get a T3 HQ before getting the T4 HQ.

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    1 year ago
    A free pop, free tech protector for LEIG and LEFH spam, why not ?
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    1 year ago

    The easy gameplay life in 2019 under 10 minutes into the game.

    If anyone else get's to see this building next to VP, fuel points or Ammo points and can share an image here it would be amazing! I decided to start posting them ... since is very retarded to build a must building under 10 minutes for free vital resources hahaha
    My teammate had just quitted the game around one minute before that photo, after realizing the HQ location . . .
    Can it simply get banned from special points territory with a range reduction to its radius? since the range is still huge, affecting small map borders.

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    1 year ago

    Get good, man. According to the "reducing its range by 10% more or less", I am sure that you do not have enough knowledge about this game.

    All units' weapon ranges are sorted into specific classes in this game, like 35 for all infantry weapons, 40 for all medium tanks, 60 for all TDs. If you reduce some units' weapon range by 10%, it will create some awkward numbers.

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    1 year ago

    Most of the games I win against that faction, in particular, is by destroying the T4 HQ, however being able to rush it anywhere on the map before 10 minutes into the game is ridiculous and so many players abuse that to secure a VP or special capture zone. Are you afraid of fighting on equal terms for them?

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    1 year ago

    I mean Bofors can be used earlier and even for longer periods with sacrificing AEC but they have already quite some support to already defend the bofors. It depends really on the map.

    Both Bofors and T4 are quite annoying, but if anything that is harder to counter in my experiences in playing both factions. It is harder to counter Bofors, because of Brace Structure, Immensive Health, Counters many things even Medium tanks possibly.

    Already within 5 min, you can start building Bofors that can last till 40min or more, if they can not counter it.

    I hate as OKW losing T4 because I would lose so much fuel and manpower, that means I lose the game more or less, because he can build tanks while I cant. I depends also on what you are building first.

    T4 can hold specific points also but it is more risky overall. It is still quite annoying for some players however.

    For Brits, Bofors, although takes some pop cap, it is worth it since you will not have to concentrate on one side as much any more and concentrate on the other. It is cheaper and reasonable. If anything, remove them both from the game to fix the issues. The ability to hold ground or however bugged everyone feels by it.

    This will do everyone a favour!!!

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    1 year ago

    Removing them from the game will never be the best solution.
    They only require some adjustments or nerfs, British emplacements got nerfs a long time ago and they are easier to destroy at the moment, but the OKW T4 HQ hasn't been touched ever . . . I really think they need some restrictions, but that is only my opinion on how I see the game and how a lot of Ally players tend to Rage quit for details like that.

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