(OKW) LeIG 18 Mortar



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    8 months ago
    javabaljavabal Posts: 88

    the LEIG is actually OP, far too effective, mainly because it requires little micro, the firing cone covers such a large area that it'll be almost constantly offering support with absolutely no micro required, protect either with flak truck of flak emplacement it's a devastating combination neither the firing cone width needs to be nerfed to match the usf version so it doesn't constantly auto fire such a significant portion of the map without re-positioning, or a price+pop increase to bring it in line with it's effectiveness its one of the most desirable weapons to steal for a reason

    you are right. The LEIG is one of the mortars that kill most in the game. And it is very frustrating to have to attack an OKW with two LEIG (because they are very cheap) protected by a Battlegroup Headquarters, since it will kill all your mortars and mgs without being able to harm them.

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    8 months ago
    ankleankle Posts: 32
    edited June 2019

    in 1v1 it might not be such a big deal but in larger team games it far too effective... a simple nerf of the width of the cone to something like the USF version would go a long way without impacting 1v1

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