I think some OKW commander need little change

1 year ago

Special operations doctirne
make Infiltration Tactics and Infrared stg44 be one ability,and Scavenge Doctrine's JLI can upgrade Infrared stg44
then give this commander 250/7 mortar HT

Feuersturm Doctrine
Incendiary Munitions only work on IG18 ,I think it should work on any mortar,or use mortar HT replace it

Scavenge Doctrine
cancel Thorough Salvage time punish
105 howizer barrage need much less ammo unlock more barrage

flamepanzer 38,flakpanzer ostwind,and jagerpanzerIV,move them in Command HQ,when deploy any 2 HQ ,unlock training,like Wehrmacht Infantry Doctrine's 250 HT
because Schwere panzer HQ got Panzer IV and Panther, Hetzer Ostwind and Jagerpanzer not bad unit,but PanzerIV and Panther is better chose
I hope this changer can give OKW more chose and more tactical,do not let T4 bound OKW, and make some special commander unit more useful

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