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    2 years ago
    MartevallMartevall Posts: 122
    Nah i think nerf on wc54 and M3 is too big . Its very hard to kill anyone while moving with squad inside you should nerf to 40% accuracy but do not to 30! Its so low :/
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    2 years ago
    MartevallMartevall Posts: 122
    I dont know how is that going right now but you should compare nerf to accuracy from Wehrmacht when gren are in 250 or sth like that . If accuracy are the same then sorry but if not , you should change it a specially this is mechanized company
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    2 years ago
    GaInGaIn Posts: 26

    Any news on when the patch will hit? I cannot wait =D

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    2 years ago
    nkirkpatnkirkpat Posts: 3

    Just a proposition for “Urban Assault Company”,

    I think that both the Dozer Sherman upgrade and Sherman Calliope should be replaced by the M1919A6 weapon rack (only x1 per squad for Riflemen and Rangers) and the M4A3 (105) Sherman from the "Armor Company.” However, in doing so by either retaining the M4A3 (105) Sherman as a Command Point dispatch vehicle like in the "Armor Company" or making the tank available in the Major's tech tree at an increased price in contrast to the aforementioned company, while also allowing players to dispatch more than one at a time. Since in the current game meta the (105) Sherman is a powerful but severely underused that is most often times overshadowed by the decision among “Armor Company” players to dispatch multiple M10 Wolverines instead of draining the pop-cap on the Sherman (105). Furthermore, this rationale is also due to historical reasons regarding the (105) Sherman’s battlefield application that suits the upcoming company’s role as an urban combat doctrine. Since the upcoming commander is called “Urban Assault Company,” the M4 (105) makes sense for this company’s application because it was an 'assault tank' applied to destroy entrenched positions that was most often utilized in support of advancing infantry in close and urban combat.

    Some points regarding the Rangers,

    In general I think that the Rangers should be a more versatile unit and distinguished from the play-style of the Airborne. As it sits right now, the Rangers are somewhat of an overpriced copy of the Paratroopers that boast far less utility. Since Rangers have neither demo charges nor the "Tactical Assault" ability, and obviously cannot be reinforced 'on the line' by Pathfinder beacons. Thus, in order to make the Rangers a more competitive choice I think they should be granted the M18 smoke grenades that were featured in the Ardennes Assault campaign for "Fox Company's" Rangers and spawn with M1 Garands by default instead of M1 Carbines. This would not only differentiate Rangers from the Airborne from the onset in their initial role as close-range shock infantry but would also make them more versatile and reduce the almost instinctive choice among players to upgrade their Rangers with the same "x4 Thompson" SMG package that is available to the Paratroopers. As the Thompson upgrade seems to be the most effective option that heavily overshadows and diminishes their unique ability to acquire 3 weapons by default and makes the unit, in which was distinguished for their marksmanship far too similar to the Paratroopers in that they serve the same C.Q.B. shock infantry role albeit less effectively. Since the Rangers lack the “Tactical Assault” ability, cannot be reinforced ‘on the line’ by beacons and are short of the 6th man allotted to the Airborne stick. In conclusion, I think the Rangers need to be more versatile and differentiated from the Paratroopers regarding their application in-game.

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    2 years ago
    MartevallMartevall Posts: 122
    I have an idea to make rifle company more usefull 1.remove debuff on fire up ability to make worth on one slot
    2.put rifleman flares with smoke grenade for rifle squad under one ability (smoke grenade avaiable after unlocking grenades in the barracs
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