Add more snipers (EAW) - using Corsix Mod (playing Europe At War)

1 year ago
InsaneoInsaneo Posts: 3
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Hey everyone.

I have been playing Europe at War (COH MOD) and really enjoy it. BUT my issue is I can only build 2 snipers. I want to be able to build more than 2. (there is a 2 sniper limit)

I downloaded Corsix Modding tool and I can find the sniper unit file, I can change the unit file from 2 snipers to 20 but when I go to SAVE it it brings up a error. Not allowing me to save the new file.

So If there is anyone out there that can give me the clear instructions to allow more than one sniper to be built, using Europe of war I will LITERALLY pay you. (Not joking).
I just dont know how to use Corsix Tool properly. AND yes I have read everything on it, but everything seems to be about creating a whole new mod. I just want the change this one file.

Any help pretty please. Trying to get this done before my Baby arrives in 2 months lol.
Cheers Team.


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    9 months ago
    sandeepsandeep Posts: 1

    first u need to extract attribarchive.sga in europe at war folder using sga extractor. open and load EAW module with mod studio. do the changes to the files u need like increasing the no of snipers and save. use the mod drop down button on mod studio and click sga packer select the extracted dataattrib folder and sga to create as attribarchive.sga in archives folder and overwrite the files. start the game to see your changes

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