1 year ago

Contacted SEGA support, they were fast to reply with a possible solution...

​1. Restart the client
2. Start game again
3. Select "Options" and you should see a "Forgot to register" button at the bottom of screen.
4. Carefully enter your email address twice and send registration.

Basically, most people seem to be registering via SSO.RELIC which doesnt work ( HELLO RELIC GET YOUR STUFF TOGETHER )

So i went on the Options Menu ingame, clicked forgot to register, put in my steam email and voila... it said i already created an account ( and its true i did, via SSO.RELIC ) but nothing ever worked... so i tried a second email, and it said it worked, had to verify the account via the Email, it said it verified, and also said i only needed to log into the game and forums to get the 30k supply.

Hope it works for everyone else, and mods should either copy this message and make it a Sticky, or sticky this.

Good luck and have fun playing the game!

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