USF Tank exploit.

10 months ago

I have recently come up against a game breaking exploit.

When playing as USF you can decrew tanks. When you do this they no longer count towards the population cap. I have seen a player who had five infantry swuads, an mg, a howitzer and a AT gun also field six Shermans at the same time. His total population was 137.

He freely admitted to this exploit and playing USF intending to use it.

I feel playing with axis is pointless atm.


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    10 months ago

    I cant scavenge fuel and also get the benefit from fuel catches from ally I feel playing allies is pointless atm.

    his manpower income would only be about 80 at that kind of pop cap. besides how the heck you let him float that much manpower to push over cap that much!

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    10 months ago
    R2V2R2V2 Posts: 5
    edited April 2019

    The reduction is no where near the amount your claiming MP income was well over 150. Also we were both playing very defensivel.y I had over 1400 man power when he attacked with the exploit.

    Also who can scavenge fuel? OKW scavenge munitions not fuel.

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    10 months ago
    DaemienDaemien Posts: 9

    Welcome new guy. This is not an exploit. USF has been this way since they came out in DLC. If he has enough time to do this to 5 shermans then you had plenty of time to destroy them.

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