What is the thing about single player, that excites you the most?

1 year ago

I am new to the game and would like to know what is the most exciting part of the whole single player experience for the community of Company of Heroes. I am especially interested which parts, maps, challenges, rewards, playstyles, etc. BESIDES the main campaign are great in your opinion and why. Let us have a discussion and maybe even make some suggestions or share some wishes you would like to see in the single player part of an RTS like Company of Heroes.


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    1 year ago
    Hower12Hower12 Posts: 39
    Well... As a fan who likes coh, I said that I hope that the future story can be biased towards the value of a life in war.
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    1 year ago
    Rommel654Rommel654 Fort Eustis, VAPosts: 934 mod

    Even after more than a decade for the franchise, the game is by far played mostly in a single player mode.

    I greatly prefer the multi-play (MP) for the teamwork challenge, but I will work out new units in skirmishes where I can try out things without stressing teammates.

    Often the most hard core 1v1 MP players will stream or post their great games to share because it is like getting a hole in one in golf - playing by yourself, who are you going to tell?

    I have never played a campaign, theater of war, or any single player run through. But I am certainly glad they build them because not only does it make the game solvent it is a feeder route for many to MP, they can take their great experiences from a campaign and expand them to new horizons. It is difficult now days to dive into a game in MP and not get bad experiences from other players.

    Single play builds confidence, experience and enjoyment that will get you through the first wave of some toxic knucklehead as you will be able to see through their BS.

    Enjoy your games.

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