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6 months ago
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They're fine, but for the British commander, the tank hunter Achilles needs to change the cannon like the firefly and have more distance to shoot. As for the troops, you have to fix the thompson machine guns
and that this platoon has a commander or lieutenant can not be seen and I think that instead of the mortars, the stuart tanks could have been better in recognition.

As for the Russian commander, everything is fine, but I think the effect of the smoke screens and the troops that come out of nowhere is not very real, I think they can fall in parachutes like the American and German troops. I do not know if it is very difficult. I'm not a programmer I'd like to help make mods. I propose that these Russian parachute troops have the hats of the crews of the Russian tanks, but in black and one or two soldiers the normal rifle guard hats and the troopers helmets can have them on their side to understand me Leave this link : http://www.cascoscoleccion.com/rusia/ruspara2.html.

And to finish, since they are trying to balance the game, I think it is urgent that the factions of the forces of Okw and US forces need snipers. I'm sorry because I've played with a lot of friends and really miss these snipers for these two factions.

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