Osttruppen commander feedback

10 months ago

*just posted this in the other feedback section but maybe this is a better place for it

Back in my day when this was all orchards, osttruppen doctrine had an ability that converted fuel directly to munitions.

this would mean an osttruppen player would at most get a single piece of armor, and convert the rest of munitions for panzerfausts and railway artillery.

but now the doctrine has to sacrifice vital manpower to call in munitions. the whole point of having munitions to fuel was that you didn't need fuel as osttruppen.

this was how the doctrine was designed to be used - it's a specifically low qulaity infantry heavy doctrine. it was the only place in the entire game including the russian faction, where true power of numbers was used. i always imagined that the osttruppen commander was a WW1 leader who wanted his men to go "over the top"

but this has also been heavily nerfed now, as the weak infantry now cost 200, only 40 less than far superior conscript or grens.

suggestion: reduce osttrupen cost to original rear echelon cost of 170, -30 manpower from current price, giving 70 manpower discount over superior conscript or grens and 30 over pioneers.

suggestion 2: re-introduce fuel to munitions for infantry specific doctrines. reduce it's effectiveness by 25% so more fuel is lost.

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