Lend-Lease Assault if the UK was a German Faction

2 years ago
PanzerFutzPanzerFutz Melbourne, OzPosts: 346
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In the previous thread, I imagined what the Lend-Lease Assault doctrine might look like if it used Wehrmacht units. In this thread, I have imagined what the Lend-Lease Assault doctrine might look like if the UK was a German faction. I have given it the same obvious and undeniable bias shown to the German factions. It has the more powerful units and abilities which are being denied to the doctrine because, it's not German.

Lend-Lease Assault Regiment

(0 CP) Assault Section

  • call-in unit
  • 3 Thompsons + 1 Slot
  • Mills Grenade, WP Grenade, Gammon Bomb access
  • Vet tailored to unit

(0 CP) Sherman Tank

  • same as the US version minus de-crew

(0 CP) 81 mm Mortar

  • Vet 1 ability Incendiary Barrage

(6 CP) Vehicle Crew Repairs

  • unchanged

(9 CP) M7B1 Priest HMC

  • same as US version

I've read a lot of comments suggesting that this is exactly what UK faction players want for this commander. It's a pity no one on the game team cares what they think so, we're stuck with the tepid offering of the current mod. The game team's new motto is:

Go the Nazi's!

I would tag this as German Bias but they won't let me!

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