Soviets: defensive doctrine (Community)

2 months ago

In the last major patch, Defensive doctrine (Community) for german side was vastly improved by allowing it to construct concrete bunkers and deploy the most powerful units in the game, the fearsome osttruppen.

i feel like this doctrine should be rebalanced, since the german defensive doc now gets a bunch of benefits like trenches and concrete bunkers for one 'ability' slot. tank traps should go in the same slot as the anti-personnel mines.

new unit: raw recruits - 8 man squad that's about as effective as osttruppen, but not quite. cheaper too. designed to crew weapons teams and provide extra minor firepower in a defensive position.


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    8 hours ago
    FaxFax Posts: 16

    I think this doctrine can use a rework indeed, for example OKW Overwatch also has 3 passives in 1 slot, OST defensive doctrine also has trenches and concrete bunkers as mentioned.

    This doctrine feels weak right now I haven't seen anyone play it in the whole time I've been playing CoH2

    My suggestions are the follwing:

    1st slot can be worked as PMD Anti personnel mine or Light anti vehicle mine, either one or the other with Tank Traps and probably Booby Trap or Scorched Earth Policy included

    DSHK is ok
    120mm Mortar is ok

    The 45mm is meh and falls off mid-late game, prob a switch to anti tank hunter ambush tactics (from Tank Hunter doctrine) or at least AT ambush camo. (or maybe something more original or unique since OST defensive doc has bunkers which any other doctrine doesn't really have)

    Last slot can be either a heavy tank like ISU-152/KV1 or maybe an strong Airstrike like IL-2 that can attack infantry and vehicles within an area (loiter) to guard or protect an area from a push

    Those are my suggestions but indeed this doctrine needs a rework!

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