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Had this in another post thought it deserved it's own thread.

47 strafe run. Ya I was thinking about the cost of this one vs axis one that cost 60 compared to 125 of the p47.
Thing is axis won't but scratch a light vehicle. P47 can kill one or half health a puma.

It is nice that it does the damage but on The flip side light vehicles move out of the way so easy not like they are getting targeted by a circle of death.

I feel like it try's to be a compromise between the two axis variants and more or less fails.

Either make it a circle that hangs around and targets Infantry and light vehicles for the current 125 muntions or so with two planes.
Or lower the cost to 90 munitions.

Stuka ju-87 anti-infantry strafe is 60 muni.

Stuka ju-87 anti-tank strafe 110 muni.

Anti tank can kill a sherman and or inf that are standing nearby :neutral:

we have something that falls somewhere in between with a higher price tag and your only either targeting infantry or a light vehicle.

P47 rocket strafe 240 munitions
Stuka close air support 200 munitions

Stuka close air support comes in faster and in faster intervals.

They both do enough damage to almost kill a king tiger.

Stuka tends to be more consistently doing its damage by comparison.

So at the very least p47 rocket strafe needs to drop to 200 muni.

Or the other way around and bring stuka to 240.
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