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6 months ago

I'm trying to expand on the factions I play. I have been playing Soviets, Wehr and a bit of OKW. Now I'm trying to learn how to play the British.

Sometimes when a game is lost, I can see my mistakes and learn from them. This time however, I only saw the mistake with the half finished minefield which still had some deadly effect on my retreating Tommies. But apart from that I would love to have some advice on how to improve my game so I could turn the battle around on the right fuel/VP.

Thanks in advance for your time and effort!


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    6 months ago
    SlayerSlayer Posts: 132

    Anyone with a nice advice for me? Played another round today, wasn't a whipe like before, but still lost. Any tips on what I could improve are very, very welcome. @Rommel654 do you play UKF? Or you, @thedarkarmadillo ? Any tips much appreciated!

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    6 months ago
    thedarkarmadillothedarkar… Posts: 5,822

    im unable to watch the replays at this time but my best advice would be to try and play like an ostheer army. supporting your infantry and counter attacking instead of trying to take the initiative. i dont play much brits, but a mate of mine does and thats what i seem to notice him doing. you are king of holding ground and grinding an enemy that tries to take it.
    unfortunately until im able to get to the replays i cant give more than theory.

    good luck!

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    6 months ago
    SimpleSimonSimpleSim… Posts: 73
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    I'll get around to your replays but some preliminary advice I can give you is

    If you're fighting Wehrmacht, go on and stay on offense.

    If you're fighting OKW go on defense and hold out. Build Forward HQs and trenches and supply points where-ever you want to stake out your turf of map and be prepared to back off from the investment if the OKW player is beginning to make major investments in artillery. He has partially de-mobilized his force then and will be presenting vulnerable targets to your late game tanks.

    For Wehrmacht go on offense and use infantry artillery spotting to upset Axis defenses by forcing them to displace. Stay on the move and only build defenses or lock down points you're confident the Wehrmacht player will not set aside lots of his cheap artillery to just destroy. Be very wily against Wehrmacht, against OKW be cautious. That's generally what I stick to.

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    6 months ago
    SlayerSlayer Posts: 132
    Thanks, in the second game I was playing vs Wehrmacht mostly, and already trying to be as mobile as possible.

    In the first game I played vs a mix of OKW and Wehr, but I didn't get a chance to develop a playstyle there really.

    Both were teamgames btw.
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    6 months ago
    SimpleSimonSimpleSim… Posts: 73

    The Forward HQ is the most unfairly neglected card the British can play, and sooner or later you need to build it against both Wehrmacht or OKW but for different reasons. Against Wehrmacht you want the alternate retreat point so you have short turn-around times for sorties. Against OKW you want the healing to offset wear and tear from fighting ubiquitous Volksgrenadiers everywhere. Other than that

    Against Wehrmacht tech ASAP, against OKW tech with discretion. For Wehrmacht you need match all those super cheap Pioneer and Grenadier squads everywhere that a Wehrmacht player will be using to parry you and control the map at the same time which only Royal Engineers can do. Against OKW the rush to tech isn't as acute, since OKW has nothing at T0 a Vickers can't stop. Before the first tech OKW doesn't even have grenades. Even if a Volksgrenadier squad gets the drop on your machine gun....you can just turn it to face them. They don't have anything until they tech. If you have an infantry squad in escort and in green cover you almost can't lose.

    Arguably for the first 2 minutes of every game British are nearly untouchable until the Axis factions tech. Put an infantry squad and a Vickers in the same house and watch as an Axis player literally can't do anything about it without pushing a tech. Now he's setback on the manpower, fuel, and time and that's just more map you could potentially own in that window.

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