Faction Idea: Royal Italian Army - Axis

1 year ago

Faction Overview:

The Royal Italian Army served from the beginning of the war until Italy capitulated in 1943. In the game, Italy is characterized by having a variety of unique units that can be used in many different ways. Though they don’t have the most powerful technology, they make up for it with fierce determination and resourcefulness.

Buildings and Technology:

Base Setup:

The way the RIA techs is by having their engineer unit construct Support Headquarters. Once the ability is unlocked at the Division Command HQ. The unique feature of Support HQs is that they can be built anywhere on the map except in VP points. It costs slightly more to construct them outside of the home territory, but if it is, the Support HQ comes with additional defensive equipment, such as sandbags, trenches, and even support guns. The RIA starts with a Division Command HQ, and can upgrade to either a Scout Support HQ or an Armored Support HQ. Once one is built, the Logistics Support HQ can be built. All base buildings can reinforce units.

Division Command HQ:

The DC creates many basic units for the RIA. The RIA starts with a single Royal Engineer Squad. The DC can create Royal Engineer squads, Fanteria squads, L3/35s, and once a support HQ is built, Cannon da 47/32 teams and AS.42s. Upgrades from the DC are a grenade unlock, which grants Fanteria squads the ability to throw Breda Mod.35 anti-infantry grenades, and Breda Mod.42 anti-tank grenades. The second upgrade unlocks powerful demolition charges for Royal Engineers, and the third upgrade unlocks the ability to build Support HQs. As Support HQs would be relatively cheap to construct, this third upgrade, which isn't terribly expensive, prevents early game spam.

Scout Support HQ:

The Scout Support HQ creates units based around recon, as well as support guns. It is built for the same price as the Armored Support HQ. The Scout Support HQ can create Bersaglieri squads, Fiat-Revelli Modello 35 teams, Mortaio da 81/14 teams, and M15/42 light tanks. Scout Support HQs built outside of the home territory come with two static machine gun emplacements.

Armored Support HQ:

The Armored Support HQ creates the main armored units for the RIA. It is built for the same price as the Scout Support HQ. The Armored Support HQ can create P40 medium tanks, M43 75/46 tank destroyers, AB 41 armored cars and 3Ro 100/17 trucks. Armored Support HQs built outside of the home territory come with two static light anti-tank gun emplacements.

Logistics Support HQ:

The Logistics Support HQ can be built once either the Scout Support HQ or Armored Support HQ have been constructed, and creates a number of late-game specialized units for the RIA. The LS can create elite Alpini squads, M41M 90/53 self-propelled AT guns, and M41 75/18 self-propelled assault guns. The LS can be upgrade to provide passive healing and repairs around it via AI medics and engineers.

Squads and Units:

Royal Engineer Squad:

Royal Engineer squads are a four man team armed with Carcano M1938 carbines. Their primary duties are building support HQs, and building and clearing battlefield obstacles. Besides support HQs, Royal Engineers can reinforce buildings, build sandbag emplacements, barbed wire, resource caches, and Bakelite anti-tank mines. Royal Engineers can be upgraded in one of two ways, either with a Lancieflamme kit, which replaces one of their carbines with a Lanciaflamme Modello 35, or a Hazard Removal kit, which replaces one of their carbines with a minesweeper, and allows them to cut barbed wire.

Fanteria Squad:

Fanteria squads are five man combat teams who are the standard unit for the RIA. Each man is armed with a Carcano Modello 91/38, a modernized version of the old Carcano rifle. Fanteria can upgrade with an SMG kit, replacing their rifles with Beretta Model 38 SMGs. Fanteria can dig combat trenches, which can house infantry, MGs, or mortars. Fanteria have the special rally passive ability, which makes them fight tougher as they lose men.


The L3/35 is a fast tankette armed with twin 8mm MGs. It can use ambush camouflage, and capture territory. It can upgrade with a flamethrower, replacing the 8mm MGs with a flamethrower once a support HQ has been built.

Cannon da 47/32:

The Cannon da 47/32 is a light anti-tank gun, with a five man crew. It is a weaker anti-tank gun, but is relatively cheap and quick to reposition. Two of these can quickly take out lighter vehicles.


The SPA-Viberti AS.42 is an unarmored scout car armed with a highly effective Breda 35 20mm AA gun. It is a fast and light, able to take out planes and infantry.


Bersaglieri are light scout troops, a four man squad armed with FNAB 43 SMGs. They are especially suited for close range combat. Bersaglieri can upgrade with an anti-tank package, replacing two SMGs with Solothurn S-18/1000 anti-tank rifles. This also allows them to throw Type-L anti-tank grenades. Bersaglieri have two combat abilities, a sprint, and the ability to toss OTO Mod.42 incendiary grenades.

Fiat-Revelli MG Team:

The Fiat-Revelli MG team is a five man squad armed with Carcano Modello 91/38s, and a single man who carries a Fiat-Revelli Modello 1935. The MG team has medium suppression, but high damage. The team can switch between individual or team operations, with the latter taking one man off of defensive duties and helping reload the gun faster. At veterancy 3, the machine gunner reloads as if he had a loader even if he is alone.

Mortaio da 81/14 Team:

The Mortaio da 81/14 team is a five man squad armed with Carcano Modello 91/38s, and two men assigned to carry the Mortaio da 81/14. The Mortaio da 81/14 has average range, but a high rate of fire. It can fire barrages of both HE and smoke rounds, and at veterancy 1, can fire a flare.

M15/42 Light Tank:

The Carro Armato M15/42 light tank is a potent scout for the RIA. It is armed with a 47mm gun, as well as two 8mm Breda 38 MGs. A small number of these can deal with light vehicles quite reliably. The M15/42 can upgrade with an additional roof-mounted MG. It also has the ability to charge enemy forces, moving and firing with greater accuracy. At veterancy 2, it gains the ability to drop a smoke grenade to cover a retreat.

P40 Medium Tank:

The Carro Armato P40 is a medium tank used by the Italians. It is armed with a very potent 75mm gun as well as an 8mm MG, and is relatively mobile for a medium tank. The P40 has the ability to load HEAT shells for a limited duration, increasing damage and penetration vs other tanks. At veterancy 2, it can drop a smoke grenade to cover a retreat.

M43 75/46 Tank Destroyer:

The Ansaldo M43 75/46 is a cheaper alternative to the P40, packing a slightly stronger variant of the Italian 75mm gun of the P40, but is limited due to its casemate design.

3Ro 100/17

The 3Ro 100/17 is an Italian truck, the Lancia 3Ro, mounting a 100mm howitzer on the back. It fires heavy mobile artillery barrages from a distance. While it cannot fire directly, it has a shorter minimum safe distance than most mobile artillery. It can fire a concentrated HE barrage, or upon reaching veterancy 3, a creeping barrage.

M41M 90/53:

The Semovente da 90/53 is a very powerful tank destroyer. Though it has relatively little armor, it makes up for it with a powerful high-velocity 90mm gun, capable of taking on even heavy allied tanks. It can serve both as a tank-destroyer, or by utilizing its barrage ability, serve as makeshift mobile artillery. It has an ability to fire a directed shot to knock out a critical component of an enemy tank once it reaches veterancy 1.

M41 75/18:

The M41 Semovente da 75/18 is a heavily armored mobile assault gun. Working similarly to the M43, instead of focusing on an anti-infantry role with its short barreled 75mm howitzer.

Alpini Squad:

Alpini are elite Italian mountaineers. A 5 man squad armed with Carcano M1938 Carbines, they are more expensive but more competent infantry, able to dish out and take a lot of damage. Alpini can upgrade with an LMG kit, replacing two of their Carcanos with Breda 30 LMGs. They have the ability to sprint for a short duration, distribute squad medical supplied, and toss assault grenades, which is a fragmentation grenade followed by a smoke grenade.

Future Plans:

I have not yet finished my ideas for commanders, but to give you some idea, I want to add a number of units with them, such as the Fiat 626 Truck, Granateri Squads, Brixia Mortar Teams, and a number of emplacements. Abilities like different artillery, and air support would also be available. Commanders are much more difficult to plan, and so are taking longer.

I hope you have enjoyed reading through my proposal. If you have any feedback to give, I'd love to hear it. Thank you!



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