Balancing Changes ( Lets liven up the GAME with the new Update that approaches )

1 year ago

Hello Everyone, Vampire Prince here :smile:

I just wanted to say, before the new patch arrives, I believe it would be great for some gameplay changes and fixes... That have been dragging on for ages (Aswell as some balance changes )

Also, I have been keeping up to date with what they are currently testing for new patch, but IT could be that I missed some things since, well , College xD

So, lets begin :sunglasses:

-Obersoldaten = Could use a lil tweaking
-Panther = I mean... Panthers in general are kinda in a weird spot... And somewhat countered in price / Value by allies side :/


-Sturmtroopers = Now these guys are fun after rework, but you NEED to keybind their key ( D or G ) so they do not BUG OUT with upgraded version (panzershreks), since that ability becomes detect tanks ... and if they share hotkey only 1 will be used... SO mistakes are made, and only way to use it is manually :/
-Panther= Again... In weird spot but I believe its mainly due to the value and usage... Too specialized and easily countered by less specialized tanks ( MAIN ISSUE... T34 85.... )


-Rangers = I have seen some ideas on changes, but they share same issue that shock troops have... And thats braindead efficiency... I understand they work this way but sending them into bullet storm and they all survive while gunnin down... Doesn't feel right
MAYOR ISSUE = Tank OVERCAP with leaving a tank crew, and then popping them back in.... There were games with more than 140 pop was achieved...


-Shock Troops = Now these guys are so braindead straightforward that even AI knows to use em... I mean... Noneone uses Guard Rifles since these guys are so simple to use, and efficient...
-T34 85 = Now I know... This might be a bit mean... but Cmon, if OKW is gettin massive tanks limited and strong units, then this TANK who is basically a BETTER T34 75 , and is EFFECTIVE VS ALL... Should be capped to 2-3 tanks max
-KV-8= Now I do not believe I've ever seen a tank that can be achieved so early, and yet LITERALLY BLITZKRIEG through enemy defenses with such a FLAMETHROWER power ... Literally he doesn't need anything else with that much dps
-KATYUSHA = Now I don't want to be mean either... BUT... THIS IS THE MOST effective INDIRECT Artillery in the game... Mobile Indirect Artillery... Shoots 14 shots, doesn't need to be tactically aimed, basically can miss an infantry and STILL kill a squad ( i have clips of it ) while on same time, rakketwerfens, Land stukas and some other doctorinal units, that hit a squad , need to hit it quite accurately, and EVEN THEN it won't be WHIPED... so yeah


-Landing Officer = Now this bugger... He needs some tweaking cuz boy... He is old and OUT OF STYLE XD... Like he could really atleast get stealth to be utilized like commandoes.... and with update coming for Artillery Officer i think its minimal kindness these guys get some love
-Commandoes = Could use a lil bit of tweaking since new doctorinal units just stomp em... unless on close range and nowadays EVEN THAT is questionable with Sturmtroopers
-TANK HUNTER Infantry Section = I know i know... Nothing serious BUT these guys lost medicits and flares... Because they were having alot of so called utility* with them... but that was A LONG TIME AGO.... AND almost ALL UNITS are gettin utility upgrades so I believe its only fair this gets returned to them
-> Also I would recommend them to be able to build and queue constructions with regular infantry Sections... Cuz atm they are just annoying if in same group of hotkeyed Number units

-Medics = This is reffered to Medic Squad that can be called out of Airlanding Officers Plane... These units.. they are buggy... Like sometimes they refuse to heal... Sometimes they just stand still, and sometimes it takes up to 5 10 seconds to realize : OH LOOK there is wounded ally nearby... or Maybe 3 CM out of reach.... THEIR AI is the worst one i've seen in this game and THIS NEEDS UPDATE!!!!!

Thank you for your attention, and I hope some developers have a look at this also :)
(Especially hotkey and unit bugs <3)


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    1 year ago
    Patrol_OmegaPatrol_Om… Posts: 301
    edited May 2019
    • All Axis tanks need nerfs to its defense stats, as they have high chances of bouncing enemy AT bullets. Making all 76mm units perform with low efficiency because getting a single bullet deflected already costs you a lot of damage and time.

    • Pop cost for the Puma should be increased from 7 to 8 to match with the SU-76mm (the Puma is highly in a better spot than the SU-76 and it cost less Population wtf)

    • Pop cost for the Assault grenadiers is only 5!!!! just 5 POP COST for a 280mp unit with an instant call in at 0 CP WTF

    • The Raketen needs Penetration Values decreased as it uses Panzerschrecks as bullets, meaning that they never get bullets deflected WTF x3

    • The Raketen needs getting its Camouflage moved to a Vet1 ability

    • The Raketen cost should be increased from 270 to 320 to match up with the rest of ATguns. It is currently the best AT gun in the game with the lest cost, causing this unit function to be ahead of any other of its kind

    • Changes are needed, totally agree, Gameplay is just way too easy and less punishing for Axis factions.

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