Pop Cost and economics between factions

7 months ago

I took the time to study an important variable that most players ignore, being that one Population Cost per unit and its effects


  1. Pop cost decreases your overall MP income per minute. Bigger army fielded = less Man Power income per minute
  2. More efficient and powerful units cost more Population
  3. Maximum Population allowed is 100

Now I want to compare some units in Population cost and performance in May of 2019

Infantry units

Conscripts 6 man squad has 7 Pop Cost

  • Panzerfusilier cost 40mp more than conscripts but they have the same Pop cost
  • Assault grenadiers cost 40mp more than Conscripts, cost 0 CP and are called in instantly with only 5 MP cost!!!!!!

Now let us compare some better infantry units

Stormtroopers that can upgrade 2 weapons and the

overly buffed Panzergrenadier compared to

the longtime nerfed Guard s costing more MP and Population

From analyzing this you can tell how favorable and faster the flow of Man Power will be regained by Axis factions because they have better units with less or exactly the same Pop cost.

Proposals to balance the game:

Assault Grenadiers

  • Increase the Population Cost from 5 to to 7 or 8


  • Increase the Population Cost from 7 to 8 (This unit has the same Pop Cost than Conscripts sigh but can easily outperform them)


  • Decrease the Population Cost from 7 de 6 (The most nerfed mainline infantry should cost less Pop Cost)
  • This particular proposal is to balance Conscripts after the Mod Team decided not to improve their performance with non-doctrinal weapon upgrades or something else but instead gave them a very late game buff in case you reach to that point and in case that you still want to invest on Conscripts after 25 minutes

Airborne Guards

  • MP cost reduced from 360 to 340
  • Pop cost reduced from 9 to 8

Guard Rifles Infantry

  • MP cost reduced from 360 to 340


  • Population cost increased from 7 to 8
  • So it can match the Pop Cost that other units fulfill with the same role but with worst performance such as the SU76mm
  • Remove the mg that this unit holds, so it can be strictly to counter enemy vehicles and not both vehicles and infantry


  • Or just decrease the Pop cost from the SU-76 from 8 to 7 to match up the Puma, that happens to be so much better in performance and takes less time to arrive at the battlefield.
  • Or add a light mg to this unit to match up the Puma in performance

I hope that all of these points out how a small detail influences the game more in favor of some factions, in particular.
Getting better units for less or equal Population Cost is affecting the game so much in favor of Axis factions.


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    7 months ago
    Patrol_OmegaPatrol_Om… Posts: 301

    I forgot to mention that Pioneers and Combat Engineers have 5 Pop Cost

    Same cost as the Doctrinal Assault Grenadiers .............

    Sprint ability cost 10 Ammo, not even Conscripts get that quality of life.

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    7 months ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 650
    edited May 5

    When you try to compare 6men Conscript 7popcap and 5men Rifleman holding 2Bar 7popcap. You see Cons 7 popcap is stupid.

    When you try to compare 4men CombatEng 5popcap who can not do anything but lay TM35 and repair vehicles. While 4men Pion who can fight Riflemen at super close range, lay Teller/Smine, build sandbag bunker, has superiority sight, arm MGs gain ability to self-spot. You see CombatEng 5popcap is stupid.

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    7 months ago
    38Lightning38Lightni… Posts: 363
    I agree this is an aspect of the game far overlooked and definately effects manpower bleed in an indirect fashion + affecting your field presence, you might be missing that 1 pop cap for the tank you wanted or field artillery and so does have a wide spread effect.
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