Rework the UK army with historical and unique units!

1 year ago

Infantry sections should have British Flamethrower, Portable, No 2. "life buoy flamethrower" no need for commanders
Remove M2 flamethrower for Sappers and commanders, replace it with British Flamethrower, Portable, No 2. "life buoy flamethrower"
Add grenade launcher and Boy's Anti Tank rifle, Rifle No. 68 AT grenade for Sappers or Infantry Section
remove the damn mortar pit, make the 3 inch mortar infantry mobile and add 2 inch mortar for Commandos and UC
Rework British sniper, change its weapon to Scoped Lee Enfield MK4
Mobile HQs for the UK army
Better accuracy for long range infantry when stationary
Better accuracy for sappers when raiding with Sten SMGs
Add tank traps and demolition charges for the sappers
Bring back the Royal Commandos Support of COH1
Add Special Operations Executive and Combined Operations Commander


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    1 year ago
    Balanced_GamerBalanced_… Posts: 200

    That would be very interesting to match it with its historical aspects. This would be something to look forward to COH3 but I highly doubt that they make all these changes. Some I do think would match it better like the Sniper for instance which its current identity makes zero sense.

    Sappers flamethrower I think they could add but should find a way to make it not too overpowered.

    I think can take in a few inspired elements into game but not everything. Even factions has elements which could be or have been added. Many more vehicles which can have been added were limited due to balancing. Like Sturmpiooner with Flamethrower which would be cool also but unfortunately many elements have not been included due to balancing.

    It would be nice if Sturmpio could get flamethrower at a cost of something.

    Infantry sections with Flamethrower. Can be only either one but not both. Better suits sappers personally and historically.

    I think they can make minor changes like including upgrades. New units however I highly doubt it.

    Mobile HQ would definitely be interesting but I doubt that would too change!

    Great enthusiasm! Do not lose hope, this game is just getting even better!

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    1 year ago

    The British have a mobile HQ. You build it, it even comes with a free artillery call in so it can defend itself. What British need if anything is more methods of smoke generation beyond the mortar pit. Other than that, sounds like a l2p problem to me. That's the only possible conclusion I can get out of "remove the damn mortar pit" which is one the best wipe-o-matics in the game.

    The British don't need more flamethrowers than they've got. They're the only faction in the game other than Russians that have armored flamethrowers and the Wasp carrier isn't even a commander tree, it's organic to their field HQ!

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