Permamently banned from COH2 HUB on Steam

5 months ago
TobbacosTobbacos Posts: 15
edited May 16 in General Discussion

Hello There! Is there any forum moderator that can unban me please?


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    5 months ago
    Rommel654Rommel654 Fort Eustis, VAPosts: 932 mod

    Tobbacos. No, a forum moderator cannot unban you from a VAC or COH2 ban. If it was a COH2 ban you would receive an e-mail (to the one on file) on the ban, why and how to appeal.

    Steam bans are different as they usually come from a game developer that catches you using unauthorized software that gives you an advantage (cheating) or some more egregious action or repetition. That again you should have received instructions on your ban and appeal process.

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    5 months ago
    TobbacosTobbacos Posts: 15

    But i didn't received anything on my email

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    5 months ago
    VegnaVegna Posts: 963

    Was any reason given on Steam? If not it's likely you did something to provoke a Steam Moderator whos banned you for what ever it was you did.

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