rapid conscription and relief infantry rework

1 year ago

For very long time both of this ability is very unpopular and under use.From my oppinion the reason why people don't use this is.

It is hard to pull it off with out intentionly make some ineffective move.Yes you can argue that getting your men kill is easy but in high tier people play they troop very conservely and there are not much opputunity to get that 12 or 15 death.For example in high tier player don't really counter attack the point that enemy group up and dig inunless they really have to(unless (that point is a cut off or VP when that player have less that 100 point left).Instead They are focusing on taking other part of the map where the defender are few in number to avoid unnecessary death.So basicly this ability is agaist logical way to play this game and unusable in most curcumstance(90%).Yes you can pull it off by telling your con to charge volk with STG or gren(even with g43) to charge rifle man with bar instead of hiding behide sandbag and getting some easy kill.

And user need to get 12 or 15 kill to make it worth that ammunition cost.Yes when you fight the war people will die but 12 in 60 sec is quite hard to pull it off considering the user use there troop in the most effective way.Perhaps you guys won't see the picture let me explain.

The good attack is that attack that you win while minimize your lost.(goal of high tier player)

Let said enemy have 1 mg 42

experiance player can guess that mg position and flank it win with out casualties.
Normal player would send 1 squad to tank mg bullet and other to flank mg and losing 2-3 model in the process.
And basicly that ability asking player to pick secound option.


your gren is getting mowdown by shock normally by shocktroop normally you would retreat already press relief infantry and need to get 15 death in 1 min so you have to wait until they kill 3 model then retreat to try to meet that goal.

The solution is

reduce the maximum squad gain from rapid conscription to 1 squad.2 for relift infantry.
Reduce the cost of the ability to 45 for rapid conscription and 60 for relift infantry.

In order to make the ability easier to pull the ability off with out forcing player to take unnecessary death.


increase the ability activation time to 120 sec so the user can pick a good fight and get some resonable tread off and still have a good chance to achieve that 12 or 15 death.Compare to ordering conscript to charge volk with stg or order gren to charge rifle man with bar just to try to achive the goal in 60 sec.


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    1 year ago
    YappirYappir Posts: 60

    I actually agree that these abilities are really used and they do have some potential.
    Alternativley they could work, giving troops from deaths from the past 2 minutes, so it is easier and more practical.

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