Scoped Lee-Enfields MUST BE RETURNED

11 months ago

Now I know this may sound a bit off hand, but this is 1 of those things that devs* took a little bit too liberal and removed...
For example, British Forces have been presented as an DLC Nation in CoH2 and as such, they bring in new ways of playstyle and tactics, that were unfamiliar to the kickstarting nations (OH and Russians)

Alongside all of this, British Forces have also been famous for having interesting Late Veterancy upgrades (Scoped Lee enfields, Churchill Self Repair Critical, Comet Tank Grenade Auto throwing, and so on) that , like OKW, added them an additional spice of gameplay.

Although I understand the concept behing Infantry Sections, I want to input my side of the story and WHY do I believe this should be implemented in next update as A MUST*

Well, I started playing this game as soon as I was able to get a solid and good PC i can run it at, and around mid or end 2017 I was already hard on into this game ( Maybe at start of 2018 also ) and so far, as RTS games go, this game has completely taken me over, the same way old WH40k Soulstorm (DOW1) and DOW2 Retribution have taken over my gameplay time. I love the game concept, I love the innovative tactical behavior and the way the game itself rewards creative thinking (and more often than less, a great TRAP plan making), therefore I can say, this game is an amazing Hookup to wide diversity of playstyles and tactical decision making, rather than RAW APM (STARCRAFT 2 for instance which for exact same APM > Tactical Decisions making I uninstalled ).

Then, I got hooked up on playing British Forces mainly, and my best friend got me into OKW and Ostheer, and frankly, I remain here since...

My main nations are Brits and Osteer due to their unique specialization tech tree and highly specialized choice making, meaning their units have highly aptituded their pros and cons and situations they are supposted to be used in, but nothing, and I really mean nothing, hurts, as when I accidentally discover that some game mechanic that is even written in a TOOLTIP of a VETERANCY, has been removed unnoticed more than a YEAR ago...

Long Story short, I found the patch note in which Infantry Sections got 2 consequent game nerfs, and with whats currently happening in upcoming ( and probably ethernally coming ) Spring update that everyone is dying to approach, alot of units are getting buffed and reworked, and alot of utility is added to infantry and their behavior throughout the game...

So, regarding Brits, I wanna point out issues:


10% Recieved accuracy while in cover - Now this effect was removed, out of quite understandable reason since they could out-duel most infantry by just standing in cover early on, even if the cover was not directional (aka. getting shot in the back)

SCOPED LEE-ENFIELDS - NOW, there is a huge ideology issue behind this... A year ago, alot of infantry had issues with british troops since they were the embodiment of Expensive early on infantry (and if you lost 1, well damn there goes alot of your financing) that had interesting scale when used in cover (general British gameplay) and that had a really strong DPS, while having a small amount of health.
Now this is something that made gameplay with them quite unique, as did the gameplay with lets say the exact opposite, Conscripts for instance ( low health low dmg but cheap and numerous)

Conscripts are getting number upgrade
Fusiliers update
SMG update for OKW and Ostheer
DPS updates with general infantry

And british infantry sections are getting LAID BEHIND massively, and all this could be prevented by adding their ability ( and visual... which many people even nowadays don't know, that, Scoped Lee-Enfields are just a myth of the old days and when Infantry Section reaches lvl 3, you will get a big lie and you won't see a new rifle on your squad Q_Q)

Keeping Infantry Section alive to level 3 should feel rewardful on this way, out of 2nd main reason:

Infantry sections are ONLY infantry that Brits have access to throughout the whole game (without Commandoes call in Commanders), while in same time, ALL other nations have 2-3 different Main Infantry Force troops
OKW- Sturmpioneers ( i know engineers but most potent fighter ones at it) , Volksgrenadiers, Obersoldaten (literal Late Tier Infantry)
Russians- Conscripts and Penal Battalions, engineers with flamethrower
Americans- Rear Achelor (who can supress and utilize emplacements), Riflemen and 3 Different Infantry Commando Tier leader squads ( also noteworthy, almost every commander of theirs adds new units)
Ostheer- Grenadiers and Panzergrenadiers (also soon to be updated nicely), pioneers are also semi alternative fighting infantry with flamethrowers

British - Royal Engineers ( who got their Armor Upgrade also massively nerfed...) and Infantry Section ( and these guys are somewhat expected to SOMEHOW scale throughout the whole game on their own)

So, the idea behind this whole POST/DISCUSSION is the return of Infantry Sections Scoped LEE-Enfields as a MUST*, since even with newer changes they will become practically useless in the scaling game, as well as keeping them alive will FEEL mostly UN-REWARDFUL due to their gameplay nature ( low HP and High DPS- that can no longer be displayed as high compared to others) and missing visual esthetics of rifles ( its saddening tbh )

Also, by lacking this Scoped Lee-ENFIELD, you have indirectly also nerfed ANTI Tank Infantry Section, making them completely useless squad in late game, both against Tanks and Infantry

In spirit of upcoming Utility updates and stuff, I believe ANTI-Tank infantry sections (with Boys Rifles) should also have their utility upgrade (medic or flares) returned, just to provide them with minimal decency of lategame purpose, and keep them in touch with current Utility and Many ability meta ( Sturmtroopers and Shocks or Obersoldaten and so on Ability and utility they can provide with AMMO investments)

Thank you for your time and understanding, and I also hope anyone who visits this threat will have time to read it fully

GL EVERYONE, and cya on the Battlefield :smile:


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    11 months ago

    point proven

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    11 months ago
    ThatguyThatguy Posts: 41

    coh1 had a lee-enfield upgrade, maybe give tommies access to a 20muni per rifle upgrade with weapon racks (0 slots)? Or separate universal upgrade?

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    11 months ago
    HatbaronHatbaron Posts: 16

    If I remember correctly the logic the balance team used for removing the scoped rifles is due to a bug. They would behave similar to the pathfinder scoped rifles meaning that the squad prioritised keeping the scoped rifle over weapon upgrades causing them to regularly drop their bren guns and Piats when they lost more than 2/3 men.

    I have other opinions regarding the overall balance of Infantry sections but I was just clearing this up as well as my memory allows

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