[Idea] Counter-Offensive Doctrine

1 year ago
I am aware that the upcoming Commander patch is about to go live in the next few days and I am at least 8 months too late. Nevertheless, I would still like to share.

Counter-Offensive Doctrine [Ostheer]

Excerpt: Panzers Divisions owe their effectiveness in combat to the efficiency of their Panzergrenadier support and their ability to coordinate in the battlefield, enhancing the survivability and power of both Mechanized Infantry and their Panzers. Infantry are trained to a higher degree of training and are expected to support and accompany armoured elements into battle. As the battle goes into the favour of the Wehrmacht, Panzer command Tanks and Tigers can be deployed to dislodge further resistance.

[0CP] - Desant Tactics
● All Tanks gain 1 infantry transport slot each. Infantry squad on the vehicle gain passive +10% received accuracy and +30% received accuracy if the vehicle has not moved. Infantry can fire from the hulls of their vehicles.

● Tanks transporting infantry gain 5% increased sight and -5% increased speed.

[2CP] - Schutzen-Infantry Training

● Grenadiers can be upgraded into Panzergrenadiers for 150 manpower, retaining veterancy gained. Upgrade is locked to the Liechte Mechanized Command and is exclusive with the MG42 upgrade.

● Pioneers get passive access to emergency repairs & Satchel charges.

● Panzergrenadiers gain Rudimentary Repairs.

[5CP] - Spotting Scopes
● Identical to Ostheer Spotting Scopes

[8CP] - Panzer IV Command Tank
● Identical to Ostheer Command Tank

[12CP] - Tiger I Heavy Tank
● Identical to Ostheer Tiger Tank

Do share your opinions. I am interested to see what you guys think of it.


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    1 year ago
    ThatguyThatguy Posts: 41

    I feel like the idea for a strong tank based combined arms doctrine is a good one. I think a few of the abilities are overpowered and a few are a bit weak/random. I like the Idea of infantry taking a ride on tanks, I would suggest that the penalties to garrisoned infantry be negative cover (but still able to shoot at 40% accuracy), and for tanks a spearhead-esque turret lock. The grenadier into pgren is a bit weird, maybe replace it with pgren mg42s for 90 muni (locking out srecks, 0cp, locked behind t3). This idea stems from actual early war elite grenadier mg doctrine that disappeared as it became increasingly logistically difficult to train and the existing infantry died off. pgren repairs are good but pio buffs are too similar to the new oth doctrine. I think panzer tactician is a must in this commander, maybe remove spotting scopes to make room it. lastly, I think the tiger doesn't really fit with this commander, I would suggest a panzer 1, but because of the nature of the new commanders a 2cp luchs would be good enough. The luchs would combine with other early/mid game abbilities to give this commander a clear window of strength, as well as an early war ss panzer division feel.

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    1 year ago

    We already have 2 doctrines that focuses on that. The blitzkrieg and ligthning war doctrine.

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