Commander Update Bug Reporting

11 months ago
Andy_REAndy_RE Posts: 284 admin

Hey guys,

Please report any bugs you see as a result of the update here.

We will work to resolve them in coming hotfixes.



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    11 months ago
    ComradComrad Posts: 124
    edited June 2019

    Face skin and skin of the body has a different color + a person is in fact the Defensive tactics community of the Soviet Union, it is a bug, or is it not paratroopers and Sabotage and reconnaissance group?

    The new Soviet commander have a is too big a star is not normal, it looks "lost, scared and completely out of it". All new commanders differ from the existing ones (there is no faded effect of photos, there is no "noise" and they have distorted faces).

    Excuse me, but my commander what I did in photoshop + the ability of those paratrp look more pleasant than the Soviet commander and the "face layer".

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    11 months ago
    towfurtowfur Posts: 1

    Tried a custom game after updating. Selected OKW, the game crashed while loading the map, black screen on computer. Restarted the computer and then it shows on Steam that COH2 is not installed.

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    11 months ago
    JSequenceJSequence Posts: 3

    When the 251 halftrack enters observation mode (strategic reserves), it acts as a forward retreat point. When leaving observation mode, units retreat to base as normal. Don't know if this was an undocumented change or a bug.

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    11 months ago
    WilhelmIXWilhelmIX Posts: 18

    British tommies can't build trenches (they don't have an option to do so)

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    11 months ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 813
    Indirect weapons: mortar or supportgun of all factions. Sometime I manual command them firing smoke but they just stand still. It waste alot of time to smoke on an MGs, or sometime I estimate the smoke would come to cover but realize it doesnt smoke, cause me retreat.
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    11 months ago
    SriderSrider Posts: 4
    edited June 2019

    British faction can no longer build trenches. I don't think this was intended as I don't see it in the change log.

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    11 months ago
    ClockwerkClockwerk Posts: 1
    edited June 2019

    I noticed a weird graphical glitch in regards to US fighting positions. When the MG upgrade is completed, the mounted MG appears in the fighting position but the gunner is now missing, which makes for a hilarious case of unmanned MG fighting positions that now automatically attack enemies within range.

    The Tiger I from the OKW's Grand Offensive doctrine is lacking unit voice lines and is unaffected by custom vehicle skins (I'm not sure if this is unavoidable or intended).

    In addition, OKW Obersoldaten upgraded with the Infrared StG package still have that ridiculous standing T-pose when they're killed.

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    11 months ago
    Patrol_OmegaPatrol_Om… Posts: 301

    Airborne Guards are not getting Paradropped or firing Smoke before landing.

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    11 months ago
    Naya_TyanNaya_Tyan Russia Posts: 133

    1) Soviet desatnik as it is not really. I thought they can make a landing on parachutes, and we get the landing of the building!!! But not all maps with houses where you can drop them off. For example Wood, Mountains and others.
    I would like to have corrected the Soviet Paratroopers.

    2) DsHK Paradrop = I see no reason to use it to deliver DShK-38.
    better replace it with an IL-2 scout.

    3) IL-2 Rocket Strafe = I would not say that the very poor ability of IL-2 Missile attack, but weak damage on equipment. Better to do is to set a target and he'll destroy it for 100 ammo I'm against. Better 80 ammo - from-for weak damage on technology

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    11 months ago
    ClaushClaush Chile/chilean/чилийскийPosts: 1
    edited June 2019

    Paracaidistas soviéticos: dice claramente, envía paracaidistas por aire, luego aparece caminando en una esquina del mapa. .-. ¿No había presupuesto para los aviones? xd
    Los soldados soviéticos también aparecen con los brazos abiertos y el arma levitando.
    (Soviet paratroopers: clearly says, sends paratroopers by air, then appears walking in a corner of the map. .-. There was no budget for airplanes? xd
    Soviet soldiers also appear with open arms and the levitating weapon.)

    (Советские десантники: ясно говорит, отправляет десантников по воздуху, затем появляется идущий в углу карты. .-. Не было бюджета на самолеты? XD
    Советские солдаты также появляются с распростертыми объятиями и левитирующим оружием.)

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    11 months ago
    ProstenalProstenal Posts: 11

    Panzerfusilier cant build teller anymore

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    11 months ago
    JarJar Posts: 1

    Soviet Bugs

    1.) T70 recon-mode does not work, no extended view unit becomes invisible!

    2,) Merging engineer with conscript flamethrower move over to a 6 men conscript. (engineer lost).

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    11 months ago
    GaInGaIn Posts: 21

    The 251 acts as a forward retreat when in observation mode. If this is an intended change: awesome!
    If this is a bug: please don't fix it =D

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    11 months ago
    AzurewrathAzurewrath Posts: 11
    1. Trench is gone from the game. Both British and Wehrmacht one.
    2. T70 Secure mode is changed to observation post camo mode.
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    11 months ago
    MIKO360MIKO360 Posts: 4

    1) No description of the reinforce of the new unit.
    2) No camouflage of new units.

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    11 months ago
    MIKO360MIKO360 Posts: 4
    edited June 2019

    3) The same hotkey is assigned to two different functions (F for the flamethrower and explosive charge)

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    11 months ago
    thekingsownthekingso… Posts: 447

    The USF are out of control , the echelon grenade launcher is utterly broken its damage must be bugged as its destroying everything on mass with 2 or 3 squads early game.

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    11 months ago
    AzurewrathAzurewrath Posts: 11

    Plus, 251 Halftrack is working as a retreat point. Either adding a 2-min cooldown to the ability, or removing this feature is needed.

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    11 months ago
    PotziPotzi New YorkPosts: 2

    British Tommies do not have the option for building trenches.


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    11 months ago
    khoatrankhoatran Posts: 32
    edited June 2019
    • The 251 halftrack vet 1 can capture point when it in observation mode

    • M20 Utility Car has corrupt description

    • M1 57mm AT has corrupt description

    • Entrenching Tools for Wehrmacht has corrupt description

    My language is English. Pls fix them. Ty

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    11 months ago
    CarusoUACarusoUA Posts: 18

    Soviet Bugs

    When you replenish the paratroopers at the expense of recruits detachment paratroopers turns out to be without weapons. Also, when the penalties take the dropped weapon (PPSH), they find themselves without weapons.

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    11 months ago
    CarusoUACarusoUA Posts: 18

    Soviet Bugs

    When engineers pick up a dropped weapon, they lose a flamethrower/mine-detector.

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    11 months ago
    MIKO360MIKO360 Posts: 4

    4) Wrong picture, it should not be crossed out.

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    11 months ago
    Aiborne82Aiborne82 Posts: 17

    The 251 observation post acts as a forward retreat point. Needs to be fixed

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    11 months ago
    CntoCaCntoCa Posts: 17

    No camouflage on OKW Tiger

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    11 months ago
    USF Airborne company's Pathfinder squad call-in skill's 20 Seconds Cooltime(Pre-Cooltime and Between-Squads Cooltime) is now working as 25 Seconds without any Words. Adjust them to 20 seconds please.

    And USF's Assualt engineer's Pop Cap is not working right as tooltip. It should be 7 as same as in-game tooltip. But working as 8(you didn't reduced squad basic population cap 3 to 2. So tooltip says 7 but it works as 8 Reduce Squad Basic Pop cap 3 to 2 please.

    And UKF also have some pop cap errors.
    Valentine tank consumes 7 caps right. But tooltip still says 12. So we can call it not until 93/100. Until 88/100.
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    11 months ago
    JSequenceJSequence Posts: 3

    For OKW grand offensive doctrine, when having no skins equipped the Tiger comes out with blue camo (similar to 221/3). When skins are equipped, it comes with the default beige color.

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    11 months ago
    GoforGiantsV3GoforGian… Posts: 20
    edited June 2019
    Additionaly Fighting position's sight range is fixed to 0.
    Originally sight range is like this

    No MG upgraded and no garrisoned Fighting position : 10

    No MG upgraded and infantry garrisoned Fighting position : 60

    MG upgraded without Garrisoned infantry : 30

    MG Upgraded with Garrisoned Infantry: 60

    And pathfinder Garrison is not working right until old times.
    If Garrisoned were V0 pathfinders : 75
    If Garrisoned Were V0 Bulletined pathfinders : 77.5
    If Garrisoned were V1 or more : 80
    If Garrisoned were V1 or more + bulletined = 82.75
    Expanded sight range with garrisoned pathfinders was First planned but not worked this long times. But it didn't worked at all while When it was not having Bug. It was same as normal infantries(60)

    But all situations. It's 0.
    And only If garrisoned unit exists. Then 35. Until
    even pathfinders Garrisoned. It is still only have 35 sight ranges. So adjust the fighting position's sight range right. And correction Pathfinders garrisoning bonuses right. Please
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    11 months ago
    Patrol_OmegaPatrol_Om… Posts: 301
    edited June 2019

    Airborne Guards
    Please let them function as they were meant to be.

    The amazing purpose of this unit was to finally allow the Soviet Union to have a doctrinal smoke ability and the fact that they were allowed to land anywhere on the map.

    Also adding a cooldown on the grenade is not quite fair at all, because the smoke will warn the enemy that they are about to land on that exact spot of the map.

    So please don't leave them forgotten and with totally different functionality than how they were meant to work.

    Shock Troops grenades (Frag and Smoke grenade) were supposed to work simultaneously and look at them now :(

    Forum bug:
    Both Ordered List and Unordered List are not working properly.

    Commander UI Design
    Feels weird, weak to represent Airborne tactics and ends up looking afraid.

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    11 months ago
    SriderSrider Posts: 4

    Handbreak command does not work for the M5 halftrack unit.

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