Commander Update Bug Reporting



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    4 months ago

    USF: Rears aren't firing out of Fighting Position - guns or grenades. Was new commander when I had the issue. Did not upgrade Rears at the time when they were in FP.

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    4 months ago
    SanyaSanya Posts: 4

    T-70 use skill of sdkfz 251 in new commander

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    4 months ago
    MachoManRandySavageMachoManR… Posts: 92

    **New quad-mount halftrack for British is suppressing while on the move - it is not balanced in line with the American and Soviet versions of the same vehicle. **

    Wehrmacht observation halftrack ability is causing the vehicle to act as a forward retreat point.

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    3 months ago
    BorgieBorgie Posts: 1
    edited June 19

    Trench contruction missing
    Ostheer- Osttruppen Doctrine. Ability to build trenches, missing
    All ostheer infantry , unable to build the provided trenches, can still lay barb wires+sandbags, but not trenches (Pioneers, grenadiers, panzergrenadiers, osttruppen)

    Note: The bug also applies to Ostheer Defense doctrine.

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    3 months ago
    HatbaronHatbaron Posts: 15

    Whermacht Breakthrough Equipment
    Panzergrenadiers can throw smoke grenades before the 2cp unlock requirement.

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    3 months ago
    MachoManRandySavageMachoManR… Posts: 92

    Saw that the new update did not acknowledge the mobile suppression on the British Quad-50 halftrack so I just want to keep shooting an emergency flare on that issue.

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    3 months ago
    Patrol_OmegaPatrol_Om… Posts: 299
    edited June 19

    @Andy_RE Thanks a lot for the bug fixes and all the hard work! but please allow the Airbone Guards to drop Smoke before landing, they should totally keep their original functionality, instead of working as Partisan Troops.
    P l e a s e

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    3 months ago
    Patrol_OmegaPatrol_Om… Posts: 299

    Off map smoke ability was a huge and fresh improvement for the Soviet faction.

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    3 months ago
    JSequenceJSequence Posts: 3

    Tiger ace prioritize vehicles isn't working.

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    3 months ago
    OberOber Posts: 102
    edited June 20
    The command tiger (okw) hotkey conflict when this is upgraded with the commander is using the hotkey "c" to call artillery and for the command tiger ability, the ace tiger vanguard ability sometimes is bugged and is not shooting automatically (only manual), would be nice change the role of the pzfuzilier when is upgraded with panzerschrecks,i mean if they are upgraded with AT should be change the shield to pzgrens or AT grens because is very hard to select troops vs inf (pzfuziler with gewehr) and AT and then this is causing blob of pzfuzilier, and the same problem but inverse with command panther and panther standard they should be selectable with control+click but actually is not
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    3 months ago

    **Misspelled word in Strategic Reserves Doctrine **
    Specifically in description of Tiger Ace, 'Heavy Panzer Korps' spelled 'Heavy Pazner Korps'

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    3 months ago
    MIKO360MIKO360 Posts: 4

    This function (priority: vehicles) in KW-8 don't work.

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    3 months ago
    Patrol_OmegaPatrol_Om… Posts: 299

    251 halftrack enters observation mode and can still reinforce forces, should not be allowed to do so

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    3 months ago
    NoorbiNoorbi Posts: 2
    It's an older bug, but:
    The barrage animation of the 10.5cm LeFH arty is broken. The barrel isn't mooving up before shooting, instead it stays straight all the time.
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    3 months ago
    khoatrankhoatran Posts: 26
    edited July 10

    These bugs still exist after the patch

    • M20 Utility Car has corrupt description in Platoon Command Post

    • M1 57mm AT has corrupt description in Company Command Post

    • Entrenching Tools for Wehrmacht has corrupt description

    Pls fix them

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