Buff/Rework Ideas for Weak Commanders -OKW

11 months ago

I plan on starting a discussion for all the factions, but for now I want to start with OKW. I think the Breakthrough and Defensive doctrines both need some love. Here are some problems I see with breakthrough:

Panzerfussileers: I think the recent changes to Panzerfussileers is an interesting one. High vet PFs are still a terror, and it gives OKW more flexibility for its front-line infantry. That being said I think they need to be tuned better for the early game. The devs have said that they intend to make PFs weaker than volks in the early game for their late game pay off, but I feel like they are a little bit too weak. I could be happy with where they are statistically if I could rely more on okw support weapons. But with the increased cost over volks, this option is also limited. Proposed change: Reduce the MP cost of PFs from 280 to 250.

Sturm Officer: This thing is a mess. It provides benefits that are individually weak for infantry, has a small radius, and has bad abilities/is a bad unit individually. The defence I have most frequently hear for keeping this unit dysfunctional is that there is no limit to the units it can effect. This is a problem, but is an easy fix. Currently the only thing this unit does is promote blobbing. I suggest either a full rework or a replacement for the commander slot. Proposed Change: limit maximum number of units effected by aura to 4, ~double range, buff individual aura effects, remove existing abilities (maybe add smoke grenade), sturm officer no longer forces retreat on death, make sturm officer squad statistically identical to a 3 man ober squad (maybe give squad mg34 upgrade).

Assault Barrage: I think this ability can be strong in its current state, just get rid of the stupid point lock. Propossed change: allow the player to call in this artillery anywhere on the map, not just on points.

Jagdtiger: This thing needs some help. It was nerfed into the ground to help the balance of team-games, and now has some serious lack of purpose. The JT's lack of mobility makes it a sitting duck for mobile anti tank, including (ironically) a large amount of mediums that rush it down. It turns too slow to allow it to be even remotely effective at close ranges, and is too inaccurate to reliably secure kills at long range. The devs have tried to move it into a more generalist assault gun, but have so far been unsuccessful. The JT needs to become better against all targets, or go back to its roots. Proposed Change: Revert the damage nerf, make the supporting fire barrage fire more quickly (especially fist shot), increase long range accuracy, allow gun to rotate on a slight ark without having to turn.

Here are the problems I see with Defensive Doctrine:

Simcity commanders are kind of weak fundamentally. The emplacements leave more to be desired, I suggest adding something interesting that still fits thematically. Proposed Change: combine all emplacements into one ability, New Commander Ability: Advanced HQ Tactics - allow hq trucks to disassemble and convert back into mobile trucks (with chosen specialization and any existing upgrades intact, think brits from COH1) to be set up elsewhere. I think this will open up a lot of interesting options and bring some skill to a Simcity commander.

Those are my first thoughts, feel free to share where you agree/disagree, and if you have any of your own ideas.


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    11 months ago
    ThatguyThatguy Posts: 41

    Another idea for JT is to intentionally make it OP against combat units but give it a 50% damage/pen vulnerability to artillery/airstrikes, giving it a clear counter.

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