Customizable Commanders

1 year ago

If this was made into a thing, it would probably be in COH3 if that was ever made. Each faction only gets one customizable commander that the player can make and name.

Starting with the portrait: skin color and male/female would be better used if the setting was a more modern/ slightly into the future (about a decade or so) scenario. If the setting is still WW2 and the Soviets are a playable faction, then they can choose whether the portrait is male or female. If the WW2 setting is in the Pacific, then the skin color choices would be more useful for example. There would be several different faces to choose from for each faction given the facial structures of the regions the factions come from. Appropriate hair styles and colors, eye colors, appropriate facial hair choices, appropriate eye wear depending on era and faction (glasses, eye patches, monocles, etc), appropriate head gear depending on era and faction (helmet, cold weather hat, officer cap, etc) and appropriate uniforms depending on era and faction.

For the abilities, there would be 5 like in COH2 or however many abilities pre-made commanders have in COH3. The abilities would be broken down into 2 First Tier choices (0CP - 4CP), 2 Second Tier choices (5CP - 8CP), and 1 Third Tier choice (9CP+) At least two abilities must be passive/ not direct combat abilities like propaganda, upgrades to vehicles and infantry, and equipment/resource airdrops, recon flights, ability to build fortifications, and etc.

If the player chooses, he/she can have up to 5 First Tier choices but no Second Tier and Third Tier choices or 3 Second Tier choices but no Third Tier choice. The player can choose to have 3 first Tier choices, 1 Second Tier choice, and 1 Third Tier choice or 4 First Tier choices and 1 Second Tier or Third Tier choice.

Commander abilities that can be chosen must be from other pre-made commanders that the player can already choose to play as. If a commander and his/her abilities are in the game store, then the player cannot choose to have any of the unique abilities from that commander until that pre-made commander is bought with real or in game currency. If an ability is able to call in a tank at 0CP (Example: KV-8 flamethrower tank, Terror Tactics, Soviet Union) then the player WILL be able to choose that ability for First Tier choices.

COH2 examples:
Soviets: 'Nowhere to hide' - KV-8 Flamethrower Tank 0CP, Shock Troops 2CP, Recon Overflight 4CP, Spy Network 4CP, IL-2 Precision Bombing Strike 12CP.

Wehrmacht: 'Chaos Doctrine' - Ambush Training 2CP, Stormtroopers 2CP, Reconnaissance Overflight 4CP, leFH 18 Artillery 8CP, Stuka Bombing Strike 12CP.

USF: 'Freedom Motherfucker!' - M2 Flamerthrower 0CP, Urban Assault Kits 0CP, Paratroopers 3CP, P47 Strafing Run 6CP, M26 Pershing Heavy Tank 13CP.

Oberkommando West: 'Hell Battalion' - Flammpanzer 38 'Hetzer' 0CP, Assault Package 0CP, Heavy Fortifications 2CP, Field Defenses 3CP, Sturmtiger 11CP.

British Forces: 'Purge Regiment' - Assault Package Upgrade 0CP, M2 Flamethrower 0CP, Anti-Building Flame Mortar Support 8CP, Hold The Line! 8CP, Air Supremacy Operation 12CP.

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