Propongo un nuevo Comandante para USF

8 months ago
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as well as in the mod coh blitzkrieg


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    5 months ago
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    5 months ago
    FaxFax Posts: 52

    Creo que aquí en los foros igual nadie habla español.
    The idea is cool but calling artillery and P-47 is a bit broken already having 1 medium and 1 heavy tank. Maybe just change P-47 for a recon as much and remove the tank commander for another ability or at least remove the arty strike. I was thinking more of another bonus the 2 vehicles could have exclusively, since the name calls for "specialized" I was thinking maybe give another vet level to these 2 units exclusively or maybe or maybe give a usable ability? Idk

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    5 months ago
    mariomario Posts: 17
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    Well, I will take your views into account. I think the tank commander would be fine, but the ability would not. the range of vision of the tank or inspiration to nearby troops could be changed by improvement and that of the p47 can be changed by aerial reconnaissance

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    5 months ago
    mariomario Posts: 17

    although this from the tank commander I do not think it is reality on the part of relic because the pershing has no spotter animation. Since I am doing a mod and there is not this animation there is only the 50 caliber animation, I think the moders would be very happy if relic put this animation along with that of the t34_85 that will not open the hatch of the tank is a shame

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