Team killer report: Krastor

1 year ago

I'd like to report one team killer: Krastor.
He started killing us with Nebelwerfers on Scheldt and then destroyed my base with Panzergrenadiers.
We stroke back but the game was lost due to him.
In the Facebook group the people said you can help me here. He needs to be punished, possibly banned (?).

Replay attached. Game is CoH.
Hope you can teach him a lesson.

Thank you a lot.


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    1 year ago
    le12role12ro Posts: 2,333 mod

    To report abusive behavior or violations of our forum terms and conditions, please send a detailed report of the incident to Enforcement Team at [email protected] In order for any punitive action to incur, proof of the incident (replays, screenshots, videos) must be provided. All reports will be thoroughly investigated and appropriate action will be taken, but due to our commitment to user privacy, will we not be able to discuss the outcome of your report.

    Thanks for your Cooperation

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