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1 year ago
shimadashimada Posts: 1
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In fact China players in the game,its largest number,we hope to next update the add chinese language support!



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    10 months ago

    That would be very interesting @Andy_RE

    I personally believe that Game Developing Companies should take into considerations "minorities" which in this case the Chinese number of players seem to be biggest from this game (according to Shimada, I can't confirm this). Not just focus on US customers.

    Btw they game could use a lot of advertisement to attract so many new players, the fact that this game has already years in the market shouldn't be a restriction to invest in Marketing Campaigns to attract new players from different regions from the Globe.

    That will increase profits in the mid term.

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    9 months ago

    Hi, developers

    Nice to write to you.

    My friends and me like Company of Heroes 2 very much. We all buy the game via steam and we often play together. For all of us, Chinese is our mother tongue. So, could you please add Chinese to the game? Besides, a better online experience is expected. Sometimes, we can't connect to Relic server.

    Best wishes!


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