Things I want in COH 3 Revisited

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Just want to revisit things I would like to see in COH3, please excuse anything I mention that is already in the game. What do you think of these ideas? Anything to add?

  1. Increased accuracy and penetration for units that miss and/or fail to penetrate. To help curb RNG, every time a unit misses a shot, their chance to hit will increase for each subsequent shot, until it finally hits (up to a certain threshold). Likewise, when a unit fails to penetrate another unit their chance to penetrate will increase for each subsequent shot until it penetrates (up to a certain threshold). After a hit and/or penetration, the chance to hit and penetrate will return to their base values. The increased chance to hit and penetrate will remain while a unit is engaged with another unit and for a few seconds after it disengages, to deal with line of site blockers and such.

  2. When a unit locks on to another unit at max range, it will have a grace distance where it can still fire at the unit, even if the unit is out of range. This is to prevent units awkwardly stopping and failing to shoot a unit moving out of it's max range.

  3. More dynamic cover. A unit no longer needs to be right up against a wall to benefit from cover. For example, an SMG unit can approach another unit behind cover and still benefit from it. The unit will appear ducking while moving. Cover bonuses will be based on both units distance from the cover as well as their elevation. Also, units will be able to take cover at the end of hills and slopes.

  4. Tanks that are hit in the rear armor take 50% more damage. This will prevent mindless armor rushes and synergize nicely with increased engagement ranges and line of sight.

  5. No more ghost shells or bullets. For example, If a tanks barrel is faced at another tank and the tank is right next to the other tank, the shell should not miss, or somehow go through the other tank and do no damage. Projectiles should not go through the front of a tank and some how hit its rear armor.

  6. Hotkey to spread units and squads out while static or moving.

  7. Units overall have greater line of sight and fight from greater distances. Units fighting up close will take lots of damage. This is to prevent blob rushes on both sides and allow for more tactical gameplay.

  8. More unit reactions and interactivity to make the game feel more immersive. For example, when a unit is getting shot at all units react to the threat. Nearby squads also acknowledge the threat. Units flinch and duck when artillery goes off. Units need to seem like they are in a war zone. Units should interact with their cover, i.e. they lead on the cover, slide into it, look around it etc. Units should also be slower going up hill.

  9. Moral system. Any unit should be able to cause moral damage and eventually suppress another unit. This should be amplified for a blob taking fire. For example, a blob runs toward a single squad in heavy cover with a bar. The blob takes damage and eventually will do less damage as their moral decreases. Eventually, the blob will become suppressed and eventually pinned. This will make position much more important and synergize nicely with increased units line of sight and engagement distances. Units behind cover will take less moral damage and recover moral quicker. SMG units fighting up close will also take less moral damage.

  10. Tanks taking lots of fire from infantry will eventually become buttoned losing sight, accuracy, and rate of fire. This is to prevent mindless tank charges into infantry.

  11. Automatic cover vaulting. Units should automatically vault cover when moving. They should also not need to be locked to one segment of cover. There should be a button you can hold to prevent cover vaulting if you so desire.

  12. Units hitting the dirt as an ability for all units. They will have less received accuracy, take less moral damage, move slower, and shoot slower and with less accuracy.

  13. Fuel upkeep for vehicles to stop late game fuel float.

  14. More roles for light vehicles to improve late game utility.

  15. Tanks can not shoot where their gun can't face. So if an infantry squad is up against a tank the tank can not fire at it with it's main gun. Also depending on elevation and angle a tank may not be able to fire on a unit.

  16. No more building in base structures with engineers squads, so they can have an improved combat role. Buildings should be unlocked.

  17. More upgrades that you have to pay for. I think locking most abilities behind an upgrade will lead to more strategic considerations.

  18. All commanders should be highly unique and focused. The state of commanders is better now but when the game released they were a disaster.

  19. No small squad sizes for any faction. All squads should be an adequate size to prevent pointless wipes. A squad that is better should just cost more.

  20. In game unit cards so you can look at stats on the spot.

  21. Visual indicator of how many weapons a squad can pick up, and what weapons it has equipped.

  22. Being able to zoom out further.

  23. Units being able to enter and exit buildings from windows and holes in the building.

  24. Perhaps being able to move units inside a building as you would terrain? Not sure how to improve building play in a way that isn't awkward or frustrating.

I'll update as I think of more ideas.



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    5 months ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 652

    4. I dont remember if Coh1 vehicles have different top speed of forward or backward. But as in Coh2, there is only 1 top speed, its stupid to see Panther backward is faster than T70 forward. Showing the front is always benefits because of thicker armor. I hope to see in Coh3, vehicles have 75% speed backward compared to the front, so the choice between 2 retreat options as thicker armor but slow speed (backward retreat) or thinner armor but top speed (forward retreat)

    6. Anyone play USF knows the pain of "T" for infantry retreating & vehicle crew out. There is a few times where a squad stand next to a tank, I click on the squad and hit T to retreat but mis click the tank, cause losing both squad & tank.

    9. I like this idea. Squads should get pinned faster if 2 or more squads stay closer than 5meter. This doesnt prevent blob, but I believe it requires more micro to control the blob.

    10. I like this idea.

    13. This isnt necessary though. Its about build time, I dont want a Soviet workhorse T34 takes the same time build as Panther because its come earlier. If we afraid a Light tank comes too early (such as Luch, Stuart, AEC) there is a way: Make default build time for each vehicles much higher, but time decreased from time to time of the match.
    Example: Luch 60sec, usually Luch comes at min7, its build time down to 53sec at 7min. For a T34 70sec, its build time down to 55sec at 15min. But for Luch, its build time is only 45sec at 15min.
    This is to prevent early Light rush, but also to make low tier Tanks also rebuild faster than better Tanks.

    14. Lights do good on its own job. But it has massively trade off. In 1v1 2v2, build Lights is confirm that enemy Meds will come much earlier, and your Lights is pretty much dead after that. In 3v3 4v4, Lights have to place to fight in a battle field of 10 Medium and 3-4 Heavy.
    I only wish Light time play is extended more by raise up Medium tech cost, forcing Light game play. Currently the choice of build a Light at 7min & get a Med at 17min or get a Med at 12min. Make people prefer to skip Lights.

    16. This is the original problem of balancing. Whats Soviet CombatEngineer & a Maxim face on their first contact? 2 Volk & a Sturm. Good luck.

    18. I do think no commander should have overlap abilities. Giving 3 core commanders for each faction, there should be 15 different abilities. And there are (example) 7 more commanders to unlock. A player unlocks all commander will gain an empty abilities commander that players can CUSTOM their own with 50 different abilities.

    19. Its about RNG god, there are plenty time of a mortar whip 6 Paratroop models. And plenty time of a mortar drop right on them but losing 10% hp. I think indirect damage should be based on % of health and kill maximum 50% models.
    Example: throw a nade on full hp Cons will do maximum of 3 models dead and other 3 models lose 50% hp (yes I said maximum), a nade on 4model half hp Cons will do maximum of 2 models dead & other 2 models lose another 25% hp. This will make indirect more useful on healthy squads.
    Then the pointless squad whip will be solved.

    20. Good idea. I like to see a RM with a Bar icon & a LMG42 icon under them. Currently I love to trick enemy that upgrade mine sweeper for 2 Rears then let them pick up 4 Zooks then put on a halftrack. Ah, a halftrack with 2 mine sweeper Rear.

    23. Not necessary, I only want infantry inside building should not have sight on the side that has no windows, and infantry outside build can not stand on the side that has no windows shot/throw nade through the wall to everyone inside.

    24. Able to move units around inside building? No thanks. But perhaps able to get your infantries go inside a building with enemy infantries in it. They will should each other with the status of no cover + close range.
    This will make MGs claim building doesnt mean everything. 5 MGs inside 5 buildings in Ettelbruck station is a pain to deal as USF. This will make unit such as PzGren is a great buildings defender unit.

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