Hack used by an insulting players

1 year ago

Hi , first time it happens to me after being insulted all the game this opponenent told me he will win cause he had a hack, effectivly when he lost all his artmy he use it, tell me bye bye, then synchro error detected and the loose was for me. It s not cool really.
this player id : https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198970610240/

i saved the replay if u need it. I ve already report him on steam for hacking. Thx in advance for what u can do with this poor guy. He clearly need medications. Have a nice day.



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    1 year ago
    Mad_Dog57Mad_Dog57 Posts: 2

    at the end of the game , it s defeat for me but for the leaderboard, it s a victory , and for my opponent in the leaderboard it s a victory 2, so it prove that the leaderboard is falsified.

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