Valiant Assault vs For Mother Russia ( Balance Issue )

1 year ago

Okay, I am going to be clear here and ask... How is this fair on ANY* scale ( same abilities, both 1 commander unique, but one is like a junkie drug, while other is an moderate buff??)

Valiant Assault
CP: 6 Points
Cost: 70 Ammunition
Duration: 45 seconds
Cooldown: 120 seconds


  • Infantry have 25% increased Accuracy and they SPRINT

Lovely, isn't it?

Lets take a look at the Russian Counterpart...

For Mother Russia
CP: 6 Points
Cost: 70 Ammunition
Duration: 45 Seconds
Cooldown: 120 seconds


  • Infantry have 50% increased Accuracy, and they SPRINT
  • HMG squads have 50% increased Accuracy
  • Mortars, Anti Tank guns and Artillery units, have 25 % increased Accuracy

Now isn't that just lovely? For same price, cooldown and everything, they get 100% STRONGER BUFF ( with same effects ), and ADD IN 2 more buffs that OKW doesn't not have in Valiant Assault?

I would love developers to explain themselves on how is this fair? Or how is this balanced? Have you maybe seen 50% Shock and Penal combo with this Buff? Is it maybe so strong because it has such a name? Unlike OKW simplicity?

This is completely overlooked and unfair matter, and should be solved as soon as possible... Since this is mainly shameful statistic, for both developers and the game itself.


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    1 year ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 876

    I consider Soviet Counter attack tactic is nerfed since duration from 60sec down to 45sec. Beside KV1 locked in Tier4.

    I loved this commander since they have KV1 that I can completely skip Tier3-4 and still have a tank. But mainly focus infantry units on Tier1-2. Its basically I could save 180fuel from those Tiers to get another KV1.

    Valiant assault was given to Luftwaffe later, thats mean the commander get another ability.

    Let me tell something fun
    Volk: rifle rifle rifle stg44 stg44
    Sturm: stg44 stg44 stg44 stg44
    Ober: rifle rifle rifle lmg34
    Fallscrhim: fg42 fg42 fg42 fg42
    Cons: rifle rifle rifle rifle rifle rifle
    CombatEng: rifle rifle rifle flamethrow
    Penal: rifle rifle rifle rifle ptrs ptrs
    Shock: ppsh ppsh ppsh ppsh ppsh ppsh

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    1 year ago
    thedarkarmadillothedarkar… Posts: 5,824
    I think it's more to the quality of troops it's buffing. Keep in mind that okw can field falls and obers and stg volks and Sturmpios while Soviet can field shock troops (while durable, lack any ranged firepower) penals Cons and CE. the last 2 being undisputed bottom of their barrel in their respective categories.

    It would be like if there was an a i kit that improved the armour and pen of the okw p4 vs the t34. Same percentage doesn't translate into equal power.

    Being able to make long range (or all range in the case of falls) more durable would be a big no no...
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    1 year ago
    thedarkarmadillothedarkar… Posts: 5,824
    For mother Russia could do with a price increase perhaps, but that's it
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    1 year ago

    Okay, price increase is a must, if not for the buff amount or effectivity, but the amount of coverage it provides...

    Also... Your comparison on something fun, lemme provide a scenario:

    2-3 Volks + 1 Sturmpioneer + 1 Obersoldaten ( +/- some replacements or fallscrhim)


    2-3 Conscripts (minimally) OR 2-3 Penal Squads (minimally) + 1-2 Shock Troops

    Regardless of your weapon/gear difference, Russians with 50% Accuracy increase are far FAR more potent up close, due to their model count and damage ( Shocks are far better at close than any stated unit you have provided, and due to their armor, they have MUCH MUCH higher survivability and ease to utilize it ), even furthermore exploitable by MASSIVE Veterancy Bonuses they get

    All in all, For Mother Russia is highly unfair in comparison, since aswell, I could input some other nations similiar buffs who also give 25 % ( + 100% decap rate ) on Wehrmacht for example...

    With this much BONUS accuracy they do not have issues with nailing down On Retreat units either, since bonuses are much higher than ones provided by On Retreat bonuses...

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    1 year ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 876
    3 Cons: 720mp
    3 Penal: 900mp
    2 Shock: 720mp
    Total: 2340mp

    3 Volk: 750mp
    1 Sturm: 300mp
    1 Ober: 340mp
    1 Fall: 340mp
    Total: 1730mp

    I feel something wrong right here.
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    1 year ago
    He said cons or penals not cons and penal
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