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10 months ago
Majestic_PotMajestic_… Posts: 1
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I'd like to know your opinion about balance in the game.
This will take only British Forces to talk about, but some topics will appear in future.
Britishs are one of the most unbalanced fraction in this game.
When thinking how to change that, i found that there is something wrong with Bofors 40mm and 17-pounder.
Comparing them to the Germans' PaK43 and (OKW's) 20mm Flak i have noticed that these Germans' emplacements can be cleaned out of crew with just a grenade.
But not the Britishs'!
Which makes'em very hard to remove, especialy when the player runs "structure" abillity.
Also Britishs' emplacements have additional abillities.
The idea is - to make these emplacemnets as vunerable as Germans'.
Beeing honest - how many people lost because there were emplacements that even RAILWAY ART. couldn't crush!
I am intrested of your opinions ^^


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    9 months ago
    17 pounder dont really have anything over the pack 43. Brace has a cooldown as soon as it ends that's when you hit it with your big guns until then use mortars or Leig.
    17 pounder also has slower time to build.
    17 pounder ability to fire through obsticals cost 90 munitions and had limited duration.
    You can hit a 17 pounder and do damage to it with at guns and flanking tanks.

    Pack43 you cannot hit with at guns or tanks (atleast not ones that mainly do anti tank damage that I know of) only infantry or artillery can clear them.
    Pack43 can perminately fire through objects without any cost and has a higher fire rate than 17 pounder as it gets vet.
    Pack43 gets the same %return of resources when you deconstruct regardless of the amount that was inflicted on it prior to deconstruction.

    20mm flack are just simply much cheaper and harder to hit can be squeezed into tighter locations.
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    9 months ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 805

    German counter parts are easier to use & much cheaper. Brit are costly but not as effective, must tougher.

    Bofor is one 35fuel units that can chew up Light, infantry & even AA. But nerfed to the point that they can not kill 2 men retreat Volk that run pass them, or AA power is totally a joke that air recon can distract Bofor so you can attack. Now I really do think Bofor should be limited to 1 but have them as powerful like before.

    Talk about Brit tech rework, its only possible for Coh3 that they can actually find a way to get rid emplacement focus. Give them between 'speed' Covenanter or 'tough' Matilda tech instead of 'mobile' AEC or 'stationary' Bofor. The emplacements should be split off into different commanders instead of core units. (Im talking about Heavy fortification too)

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    9 months ago
    ankleankle Posts: 32

    brits are far too strong against okw and far to weak against ost.. its a complete joke

    it's almost like the balance team have never bothered to play as brits... keep nerfing okw and buffing ost every patch.. constantly pushing these factions further and further out of balance

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