SOV - Guard Rifles -AT Damage very poor

10 months ago


1. Guard Rifles damage have been nerfed almost to non existence damage output against Axis great armor for almost 2 years already
2. They will take hours to destroy Light tanks, barely scratch medium armor, and be totally useless against Heavy tanks (totally not the case of Axis infantry with Overly buffed Panzerschrecks)
3. Their damage against infantry is still meh since they got nerfs against them as well ... but that is not the main poin of this post


  • Reajust their performance, the point is not nerfing units to the point where they will become a resource and population trap.
  • Increase their Armor Penetration, since they can't even land full damage on Axis armored vehicles.
  • Slightly increase their damage against armor
  • Not asking to buffed them to the same performance level as Panzerschercks, just bring them to a decent gameplay level.
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