5-person squad for Soviet engineer

9 months ago
AntiFascistWarriorAntiFasci… Sydney, AustraliaPosts: 9

Guys I have an idea that Russian engineer squad should have a 5-person squad instead of current 4-person squad because doing this could embody that Soviets always have advantages in numbers against Germans, and it also could improve the combat effectiveness of Soviet engineers. How do you feel about it?


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    9 months ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 810

    CombatEng are the weakness infantry that can not fight anything. But no need to make them 5men squad. Just lower pop cap to 4 will be ok.

    Look at potent double Bar vet3 Rear with 5 men. 5 pop cap.
    Look at potent double Bren Sapper with 5 men, not mention Heavy Sapper addin armor. 5 pop cap.
    Pion is fragile but they can sight for weapon team, or use that 50m sight to arm weapon teams and they can spot on their own, close range and toe to toe Riflemen, massive utility from sandbag,bunker,Smine, Tellermine. 5 pop cap.

    And to this day I see nothing change on CombatEng except nerf down 2 model kill per T35mine and Demolition revealed at 13meters years ago.

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    9 months ago
    Their cost went down from 200 mp to 170 mp.

    Not that justifies it, its just the only compensation they got to my knollidge.
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    9 months ago
    ABCABC Posts: 9

    A 5th member in the combat Combat Engineers squad. Would be a good change to boost thier combat effectivness, when equipped with flamers.

    It would also fit the faction.

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