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6 months ago

Quoted from the September Patch Preview


They are actually reverting a compensation buff applied to both frag and smoke grenades CDR from 28 to 20 seconds, because they got bugged years ago to the point were they shared the same cooldown and that prevented players from using them simultaneously, as it was originally designed.


  • Try fixing the bug and allow both grenades to have independent cooldowns as it was originally design with 28 cooldown for both
  • Don't revert the compensation buff and leave it at 20 seconds with the bug still running


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    6 months ago
    YoghurtYoghurt Posts: 77
    edited August 2019

    It's weird, some patches ago they had separate cds with no bug , then they put them on a shared cooldown, and when they reverted that, a bug appeared. So now they have to be shared?

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    6 months ago

    They have a long time like that already but yes, they used to have separate cooldowns until a bug appeared, therefore as you mentioned they decreased the cdr from 28 to 20 to compensate for the shared cooldown.

    So is sad that now they are trying to revert that :/

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