My thought about September patch update

5 months ago

5 more fuel isnt much, Im ok with that. Though I hope its price will not keep gaining because 'over performance' for its price.
When you compare Jackson to Panther/Comet. Jackson is a single role, the others are dual role. Others also have tougher in both armor & hp. They also have Blitz & War speed. All for 40 fuel more.

M8 Scott
Auto fire speed is now 25% slower. But Manual fire speed is now reload 25% faster. It sounds like a good reward for high micro players. While this punishing stationary defense more. But its actually make it less punishing the incoming blob.

Pak howitzer
I barely use thing unit anyway..

Pershing has been known for its Unique dual role of main gun in exchange of low health.
Standardized its AI power with other Heavy tank. It will just become a lower health, lower armor Tiger.
The ability to eat 1 more ATgun round doesnt help Pershing to able to retreat from double Panthers chasing. I rather to have Pershing getting defensive smoke.

About teching
I still waiting for the day that 70fuel tech not giving me 2 free squads with just MGs & ATgun.


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    5 months ago
    I do agree.
    I use 2 m8 Scotts like a brumbar but with better range since Sherman cant handle all the infantry squads then at least I can kite around with the Scott's. Idk now.
    Just seems like more usf anti infantry nerf.

    The pershing idk they lower armor is easier for panther and at guns to pen when already squishy but health just might let it win vs 1 panther I dont know since thay get armor boost vet and also cp9 is very nice boost.
    Takeing away 20% reload speed at vet 3 seems to take away from the pershing without giveing it much in return if the infantry damage dont make up for it.

    I still want to see pershing abilities changed.

    Again I agree with the whole "free" squads thing since they simply cost alot more in fuel delaying commander and forcing infantry spam.
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    5 months ago
    Overal though I think the patch looks good we will see how it playes out.
    Who knows we might like the changes to the units and see some new tweaks to come.

    M8 Scott be prepared for hell of alot of smoke support especially with intelligence bulletin. Makes the bulletin more attractive.
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    5 months ago
    Hower12Hower12 Posts: 39
    USF: I also think that Pershing needs a little buff. I think Pershing's HVAP should reduce ammo with cooldown or switch AP and HVAP like Snowman 76.
    Then I have to say something to the USF, although Jackson +5 oil will not affect the value, but everyone must remember that the USF has no other efficient counter tanks other than M9 and AT and Jackson.
    UKF: Firefighting damage and ability can threaten many tanks. And the UKF's counter-tank approach is the most. So there should be no need to change the firefly's oil.
    OKW: If you lose and re-establish the Schwerer PanzerHQ, you need to re-upgrade Panzer Authorization. This is a serious penalty for the player, mainly because re-establishing a new HQ in time will result in a big hole so there is no need to re-upgrade Panzer Authorization.
    Finally, the players at STEAM said that there are a lot of BUGs to pay attention to this time.
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    5 months ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 684

    The change
    Auto fire rate of fire: 12 shells per min.
    HE ability rate of fire: 12 shells per min; fire 4 shell in 20sec with further range; cool down 75sec

    Auto fire rate of fire: 9 shells per min.
    HE ability rate of fire: 12 shells per min; fire 4 shell in 20sec with further range; cool down 55sec

    Here is the math table, each dot mean a shells that M8 fires without 50% ability cool down faster bulletin

    Here is the math table, with bulletin

    What happens with this change?
    M8 fires at 10-15% slower rate overall, that as this math is counted as you use the ability Right away when the cool down is done. If you're not able to it because of micro intensity, it will be pretty much 20-25% slower firing rate.

    Less shell being fired, less shells fired at free aiming. I dont see any "reward" for better micro skill player on M8. What I see is M8 lose 20% its power plus harder to use.

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    5 months ago
    WunderKatzeWunderKat… Posts: 731
    edited August 2019
    Overall I thought the pack howitzer and m8 changes were very odd. Barrage is not a viable tool to use against OKW infantry spams because of how much they move.

    I don't know why they are trying to punish inattentive m8 and Howie play when in the same patch they buff OST counter battery and don't touch the leig which is a master at high RoF auto fire.

    My late game USF play is filled with dodging rocket arty, microing against panther rushes and baby sitting infantry who might stumble upon Obers and be instantly gunned down, if the m8 and pack can't generate value in auto fire they just going to be thrown out and USF late game is just going to be even more monotonic.

    I've been playing the balance patch and pack howitzer just doesn't hit anything anymore. Absurd.
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    5 months ago
    Lol ya dodging the rocket artillery that is constantly killing your howitzers and squads wipeing your bazooka teams but you have nothing to squad wipe with when they shrek spam.

    Elephant showes up and you Jackson went from haveing a hard time with panther rush to being useless as sheck blob waits around the corner.

    Send in your infantry to take care of blob and tiger blows them to bits if rockets dont beat em to it.

    M8 Scott never did enough to hold the blobs back but atleast it was a mobile ranged unit better at surviving with micro than the Sherman at closer ranges.

    Only thing I can think is maybe we can smoke the crap out of em now and move In.

    Usf for haveing alot of "infantry support" weapons really lacks the punch against infantry especially all the elites running around these days with constant squad wipes you cant even keep a vetted rifleman on the field late game.

    The pack howitzer I stopped using when I realised two mortars kill mgs better and offer me smoke on top of that.

    Howitzer might now only be specialized against okw trucks.
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    5 months ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 684

    M8 Scott does kill, but if only infantry blob is pinned by MGs, which you dont have if you go for Captain tech.

    Though I dont get how they think 25% ability cool down faster can make up with 25% nerf on manual fire.
    As it will work the same as Kubel hp 20% lower, but also take 20% less damage.
    Next balance: Pershing main gun reload time now 300% slower. In exchange, its MG will reload 300% faster.

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    5 months ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 684

    I just realize that this Sep patch, 2 Jacksons cost more fuel than a King. A Jackson 145fuel cost more than 2 Puma 140fuel. Im seeing a new meta build.

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    5 months ago

    My only grudge is about Emplacements refunding 0... But I've posted some suggestions on my threat about this so yh, this patch will be refreshment, most certainly...

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    5 months ago

    m8 scott goes from a 75 second cooldown to a 55 second cooldown
    Pack Howitzer goes from a 60 second cooldown to a 50 second cooldown

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    5 months ago

    My Pershing and Tiger Test run

    vs infantry i did not include machine gun fire of the Tiger

    tank vs tank Pershing gets two lucky bounces.
    Tiger fires 8 rounds and Pershing fires 6

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    5 months ago

    I'm frankly glad to see Pershing getting some love, the tank is in somewhat weird state compared to IS and Tiger series atm

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    5 months ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 684
    I consider this is a nerf for Pershing. Not really mean 'nerf', but Tiger IS2 get buff while Pershing is just an adjustment.

    Tiger can tank, great at AT, but weak at AI. Now AI is standardized for all heavies. Which mean Tiger no more has weakness

    IS2 can tank, its gun is good at both AT and AI, but cant hit. Now scatter is 40% smaller. Which mean IS2 no more has weakness

    Pershing is similar to IS2 that good at both AT AI and always hit target with fast reload. But can not tank. Now giving 960hp with 270armor with is just equal to a Panther. Which mean Pershing still can not tank compared to Tiger IS2, while its strength fast reload is taken.

    160 more hp can not help Pershing to survive 2 Panther blitz chase, what we want is just keep it the same and add defensive smoke.
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    5 months ago
    38Lightning38Lightni… Posts: 393
    edited August 2019
    I would have at the very least taken some of that faster reload and put it into vet 2 and changed that poor excuse of an ability.

    The fact that pershing cant tank as much damage and kills infantry roughly the same should be enough to say it needs to be hitting harder and honesty the automatic grenade toss does nothing for me that can be taken away in exchange for damage to tanks.
    (If you are close enough to toss grenades you are close enough to get engin crit or damaged by panzershrecks)
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