September Update Thoughts and Ideas (esp for Brits)

5 months ago

Frankly, finally something interesting for all sides, but there are some really impactful things that can be noted:

For starters, I gotta say, I am personally extremely thrilled about moving vehicles to Late Game Tier ( requirements for some tanks to be Tier 4+ to be called in ) so people who build mid tier tanks and scout cars etc* can feel rewarded, and less self punished if their push attempt or decisive blow fails

2ndly, I like the OKW changes ( Sturmpioneers stun grenade is also lovely on Vet 1 ), but for OKW I am mainly worried how people will react to Rakketwerfen AT gun changes ( aka, no more mobile stealth AT gun ) which in terms of tuning , is a double edged sword ( specially for someone who enjoys playing both sides, this thing will be missed and pleasing in same time)

Also Flammenwerfen General will be fun to use with heal trucks xD ( OKW Feursturm )

I like how the idea of implementation of Halftracks in Osteer tech for scouting and frontline ressuply is buffed , but I believe the most important and stress reliefing thing is that pioneers can finally repair with 0.3 bonus speed if equipped with minesweepers ( useful when repairing panthers and tigers)

USF tweaks on Mobile Howitzer are highly welcoming, especially for bigger matchups ( 3v3 and 4v4 ) where battlefront turns into Arty+MG saturation with blobs

Russians are also getting tweaked so those AT GUNS barrages don't instakill ( which is awesome if you feel like savin your grenadiers from whipping ), although I am uncertain if MAXIMS should be any further buffed (in my opinion, these further buffs are unnecessary since only provisional thing they will do, is make MG spammers feel more pleasure from #Advanced #Tactics of MG blobbing )

British Forces ( UKF ) are once again getting a nerf for Tommies ( Infantry Section ), although I am not that much troubled by 2 damage reduction on rifles, but I am more troubled by their Late Game scaling compared to other infantry going around nowadays ( also unsure why did they get flare range of sight decrease )
Frankly, Cromwell needed some tweaking and thats nice, although i am unsure if the mayor issue is marked on it
Comet tank is getting some much needed love ( although I would move it to vet 2, and not 3 )
Churchill nerfs are FINALLY here ( 18 pop ) so spamming them lategame won't be such an issue for Axis side
Sniper will also feel more natural on field

-Finally medics won't be wobbly disoriented bleeders who can't even tell who is wounded and who is NOT :smiley:
-Especially good for controllable medics (Medivan, UKF call in from plane, etc )

UNITS I would reccomend for some gameplay changes in the upcoming patch:
-> These lads really need some tweaking and gettin up to date with new meta and stuff, literally I got a friend who forgot they even exists, and he plays Partisans :smiley:


540 or 590 Manpower for Officer and plane that on Tier 3 can be retreat Point

Ok this is quite awesome command skill, but extremely overpriced for early game it joins, and usually ends in plane destroyed

I would actually ask for 200 Manpower price reduction on it, or atleast 150 since its actually a Barrack of sort, and in turn its Retreat Point to be removed ( needed to be purchased as if it was Forward Assembly )

This would make the Commander a bit more viable in early midgame

Also Brit Brens are slightly underperforming in my opinion, when compared to other Unit Equipments atm (MG34/42s, Bars,even DP-s)

We could add some variations between equipping them Brens and Vickers LMG ( to make their upgrades feel as what they are labeled on box for Brens near HQ )


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    5 months ago

    Alongside it, the thing I wanted to point out ( but somehow forgotten half way through writing this ) I highly disagree that British Emplacements should be removable to free up some manpower FOR 0 REFUND...

    Unlike Pak43, which has 50% refund Policy, British Emplacements are nationality Unique gameplay mechanic that are given without Commander Abilities, and in order to be utilized and EVEN TO FEEL rewarding to be replaced, they need to provide some sort of refundament , even lategame when LeFi start raining, and even if they don't start raining down, deleting a mortar pit which can smoke long distance, or a Bofors which still has suppressive fire ability, would be a really bad idea ( unless a person is stocking up alot of fuel and manpower for targeted production )


    British emplacements refund 50% of its manpower and 25% of its fuel ( ammo used on entrenching and fortifying them as Commander ability is un-refundable )


    • For More Hardcore Re-positioning
      British emplacements have a deficiency of SOLUTION 1's refund, based on how much health they have remaining (Below 50% health, no fuel and 25% refund on manpower)


    Emplacements have a refund price based upon their Veterancy level attained

    0 Vet = No Refund
    1 Vet = 25% Manpower and Fuel
    2 Vet = 50% Manpower and Fuel
    3 Vet = 100% Manpower and 50% Fuel + Quicker scavenging of the emplacement

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