Advanced Emplacement Regiment and the Royal Engineer Deconstruct

1 year ago
MusketmarineMusketmar… Being a USF ParatrooperPosts: 68

So I read the preview patch notes, and I was curious about whether or not the Advanced Emplacement Regiment will also be adding this ability to Infantry Sections?

Since this could very easily become an issue for somebody with only Infantry Sections and full popcap of things like Bofors, Mortar Pits, and QF Pounders. With the Infantry Sections also getting a slight nerf, it would be an absolute puddingshow to be unable to remove a few Bofors to go from Emplacements to Armored Units to help your teammates elsewhere while you hold a Victory Point or Fuel Point with the rest of the 'simcity' on that point. Since you would be forced to build a squad of Royal Engineers, which are already phased out by the Advanced Emplacement Regiment, unless you're playing it for the Emplacement upgrades, and the issue of being popcapped would be present.

So what will Relic do? Add this ability to Infantry Sections under the Advanced Emplacement Regiment (with the Fortifications ability), or leave it out to intentionally nerf the Advanced Emplacement Regiment? Since most of the gameplay for the AER, i've seen from my perspective, and most enemy players struggle to find the solution to my emplacements so they spam artillery units or try to go for a massive tank push into my emplacements, drop 500 offmaps on my head, very rarely does somebody get smart and try to snipe my Bofors with a Rakenwerfer, Pak 40, Tank Destroyer, or Puma. Mostly the argument to not add this to AER is mostly based on the response of the enemy to simcity, while the counterargument would be to allow the AER player to simply switch from being an absolute 'nice person' to using tanks. Since emplacements are very cheap in fuel to build, so by nature it allows for a player with emplacements to switch into Tanks economically, while the popcap part could be solved by dismantling said emplacements.

So there are a few courses of action Relic could take on the matter

  • Add the ability to Infantry Sections with no change
  • Adding a cost for the ability? (Which is an option I don't see as viable, since you can friendly fire your emplacements to death)
  • Adding a cooldown or slowing down the ability for Infantry Sections, seeing as a main difference between AER Infantry Sections and using Engineers is how fast both can build. (Spoiler: Engineers build faster, because that is what they're designed to do)
  • Not adding it all, and completely middle-fingering AER in this case, because it can sometimes be unfun for the enemy team to have to come to face with Emplacements much earlier in the game.
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