What is going on with USF

6 months ago

I go afk for a long time. when i play USF recently, I found the PvP balance is totally destroy my game experience. I found the M36 do shit agianst panther rushing. M36 just cost too much and do less. M36 also do not have any machine gun. It can do shit against infantry. At the same time, USF do not have any high sight unit except the commander call-in ability. And the anti tank granade for RM is also require vt1 unlike the others which do not require any vt. The M10 also a shit. It cost a lot while it cannot penetrate shit. it just bounce and bounce and bounce on anything. The M26 is also shit because its cannon is same as M36 which cannot against panther rush. Currently, I think all USF tanks are useless than any other nation. They cost too much and do shit.


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    6 months ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 717
    USF tanks are not useless, theyre powerful, what USF doesnt have is no shield units.

    In any game bigger than 1v1, if there are more than 50% force are USF (2 USF in 2v2 or 3v3; 3 USF in 3v3 4v4; 4 USF in 4v4) the chance to lose is very high when all AT power is relied on a single unit Jackson, versus Pan Tig King Ele Jadtig.

    If Jacks have shield units like numerous T34 or Churchill, IS2. They will do mad job. As an USF player, I highly suggest if you play Soviet Brit with a USF mate, be his shield. In the opposite, USF should never pick arty commander if your mates are Soviet
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    6 months ago
    mrpeedmrpeed Posts: 42

    The problem with USF is that late game they can really struggle against heavy tanks. Especially given they rely on flanking and most maps are terribly small and/or cluttered. This means the maps favor head on engagements which naturally favor heavy armor.

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    6 months ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 717

    Jackson isnt just struggle against heavies. If you ever meet Stug & Puma spam that cost 40-50% cheaper than Jackson

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    6 months ago
    AzureAzure Posts: 3

    I think currently, all units in lieutenant section are useless. The 50cal do not have effective suppress. The light armor are totally useless. These light armor do little damage to infantry and can be destroyed easily by infantry and Axis light armor. The Bazuka can do shit against armor. Its damage and penatration are way too low. The USF just can NEVER stop a blob at all time.
    Compare to Soviet
    I think there are 3 problem for USF
    1. Do not have any thing can stop any kind of blob
    2. Shit Anti tank
    3. No indirect firepower

    and the reason cause these problem is
    1. No Anti tank and infantry mine for infantry
    2. Low health Infantry
    3. Do not have Rocket or ARTY units (Mid-range indirect firepower) without commander call-in. At the same time the call-in ARTY and Rocket units have the worst efficiency compare to all other factions(M7 have slow firing rate and Calliope can only fire rocket for 115 fuel compare to Soviet Rocket truck for only 85 fuel). (I think the 75 howitzer is short-range firepower, its range is same as mortar and the firing rate is way too low, accuracy is like buying a lottery)
    4. Do not have high sight infantry units without commander call-in. ( you can only use light armor for recon which cost fuel and very easy to die)
    5. M4A3 can do shit and die quickly ( lack of high sight unit, puma or/with infantry at-rocket spam can easily wipe out a team of M4A4 even with ATgun and M36 support.)
    6. Infantry only have Short range firepower ( no even mid-range)( only short-range and low unit health, USF infantry are always EXP bag)

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    6 months ago

    The real issues with USF are:

    1. Shit useless mid game options (always rush final tech).
    2. infantry outscaled by the end of the game and super expensive to upkeep
    3. boring and highly predictable linear late game gameplay
    4. missing one core weapon in standard tech path (mg or ATG)
    5. Constant nonsense changes (like pershing nerf and pack/m8 nerf ???)

    I hate it

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    6 months ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 717

    Its all about the faction design. Balance team can not compare between 2 counterpart units and decide to nerf or buff one. Example, its easy to see how hard to keep your Pak howitzer alive compared to Leig.

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    6 months ago
    DaemienDaemien Posts: 9

    wish that pak howitzer had a retreat button

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    6 months ago
    > @Daemien said:
    > wish that pak howitzer had a retreat button

    It would be much better if it could atleast survive a walking stuka barrage.

    Sucks when you spend all that time getting vet and you can not move out of the way of the barrage unless your dam lucky as hell so all you do all the time is re crew and repair all game long on an expensive unit.

    The m8 Scott and the Howitzer has no where near the same efficiency as axis artillery when you look at how long into a game it takes an m8 to get 20 kills then suddenly a walking stuka come out and the fist volley is 30 kills....it never ceases to amaze me.
    All the meanwhile my vet 3 m20 say has 47 kills that I managed to keep alive all game long.

    It seems like even the leig is vetting faster than The howitzers now and more effective.
    I know they are still yet getting more buffs so idk what's up.
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    5 months ago

    here is a important question. After the Sep Update, Will the USF still worth for a game. Currently, USF lost all its uniqe perspective that worth a play. Everything in USF tech are shit right now.

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