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4 weeks ago

Sept 2.0 Patch Problem:

  • Can upgrade weapons in enemy territory after getting parachuted
  • Get's such a boosted weapon for free
  • Long Rate of fire
  • Very fast Reload speed
  • Amazing burst and accuracy
  • New Terminator Squad for only 320MP || Jokes en 360MP "elite" Allied infantry


  • No longer care, be creative


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    4 weeks ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 549
    edited August 23

    I love how Fallschrim has a nerf that they're no longer drop to the ground with 4x FG42 but 2x FG42 and requires time to upgrade another 2.

    * CP3 to 2
    * Manpower price 16% cheaper
    * FG 42 Rate of fire from 6 to 7 Fire rate +16%
    * FG 42 far cooldown from 2 to 1.35 Cooldown between shot at long range +30% faster


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    3 weeks ago
    ankleankle Posts: 32

    notice the balance team always throw in an OP axis unit with every patch that redefines the meta... exceedingly rare that allies get the same treatment

    of course they'll scale it back in a month or so after it goes live.. then of course do it all again next patch with another unfavour axis unit

    constant bs

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    3 weeks ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 549
    edited August 24

    The problem of buff isnt actually on Ost.

    Its the Okw super cost effective infantry, every single update.
    2016 Volk gained sgt44 snare sandbag
    2018 Jeager 250mp pop out of buildings hold high resource in middle of the map endless. We saw how imba it was. To this day, the cost effective is still too great compared to Pathfinder.
    mid 2019 PzFusilier 280mp x2 Shreck
    Sep 2019 incoming Fallschrim 320mp high utility compared to PzGren 340mp

    About Fallschirm isnt that "attractive" to Okw because they have better Commander such as Heavy Fortification or Jadtiger one. Close range combat in urban they already have Sturm with flame thrower and Volk mp40 that 25% cheaper than Conscript's ppsh.

    About other close range infantry such as Para, Ranger, Shock, Commandos. Because they have no non-doc close range infantry that force players to pick the Commander to fight in urban.

    Isnt attractive doesnt mean Fallschrim is weak.

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    3 weeks ago
    Patrol_OmegaPatrol_Om… Posts: 297
    Totally disagree @C3Tooth
    In the current state of the game is far harder to claim a Victory against the Werhmacht, rather than against the OKW.
    WER has been getting a list of heavy buffs to it's army, regardeless of how strong that unit was before the patch.
    Not to mention that none of them haven't been reblance and adjusted for an accurate price/performance variable.

    Is WER uncontested meta and with it a boring a game playing on a significant disadvantage or boring if you have free easy games playing that faction in particular.

    *MG42 suppression comes in the first bullet! Not even at the end of the first round! NO INPUT NEDDED
    *MG42 **huge** and wide range! NO INPUT NEEDEDx2

    *Rifle Grenade has a **huge** damage output! Wipping out entire squads! NO MAJOR INPUT NEEDEDx3
    Have you seen Allied infantry with such a powerfull grenade? Perhaps Elite Commandos and that's it .. not a mere cheap basic line infantry

    Axis tanks can go straight forward without caring because of the high they get. No major thinking requested

    Panzergrenadiers got both MP and Pop reduction, while getting more and more buffs paired up with 3 Intel Bulletings /fail

    And the list goes on and on
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    4 days ago
    SkazzSkazz Posts: 18

    fallshirm is still 4 man squad that get oneshotted and also looses head on with paratroop =P

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    4 days ago
    ChardChard Posts: 124

    I can't believe the amount on nonsensical whinning going on about Falls here and at that other place I care not to register for. (I have no idea why they were messed with in the first place.) I'd be happy with 3 CP falls with 4 stock FG 42s back.

    Two things I've seen posted by players:

    Increase the cost of the additional FG 42s. They now drop with 2 less 42s. The additional two now have to be purchased (after setting up the flak truck no less!). That's 60 muni per each upgraded squad. This eliminates that 60 muni from the player's pool of muni for upgrading other units, grenades and other abilities. If the upgrade cost is increased, then offset with something else. Decrease reinforcement cost, pop cap, something!

    Falls have always been able to use the Faust. This is one of the few ways a player can vet up the squad early on. Now its a problem? FOH.

    The mod team has mentioned these two:

    Valiant Assault is now in the crosshairs. WTF?! Now its an issue after all this time? If they're going to nerf some the changes to Falls AND nerf this ability I question the mod team's thought process. This will nerf the ability for the entire army. Add in some of the buffs to Allied weapon teams from the last patch and this really makes no sense. Units take more damage while this ability is active, right? If the ability is nerfed then the cost has to reflect the decrease in performance with a decrease in cost or increase the ability duration. The ability isn't cheap. The increase in muni required to upgrade the Falls has to be taken into account. Nevermind that this ability is also a way for a player to move infantry out of the way of the bevy of arty/rocket attacks that Allied armies can employ. Decrease the ability's performance and this will add a nerf in an unintended way. Reduce the sprint after a small amount of time after the ability is triggered may be a way to appease both sides. 5-10 seconds of current ability sprint modifier then it reduces speed to allow Allied weapon teams a chance to escape via retreat. Or, decrease effectiveness vs. retreating units since retreating units can't fire back.

    Increase to the squad price to 340? These guys aren't very easy to keep alive initially. If there is going to be an increase in the squad cost, there has to be a trade off. Drop the reinforcement cost or population. They were worth 380 pre-patch. Post-patch, they are about right at 320. (I don't build more than two, one if I go for an Ober.) We're heading back to the post-patch territory where they were too expensive vs. using Obers. Don't forget the increase to Volks cost. I tend to only build two now and wait for my 3rd infantry to be the Falls. Waiting any longer only puts that unit behind the vet up curve. Increase the cost of Falls and we're slowly marching back to pre-patch-Obers-are-better land. Remember, they now have to spend 60 muni to upgrade each squad. If a player fields 3-4 Falls then they'll have to spend an additional 180 - 240 muni to bring their firepower up to pre-patch levels. Plus, they won't have as much manpower or pop cap room had they only fielded 1-2.

    I can live with changes to ROF and mid range. But again, only 2 FG 42 available upon drop doesn't make these units OP. It just keeps them slightly on par for what they are facing. Players PAY for the additional 2 42s so why would they now get nerfed?

    I thought the idea was to increase the use of Falls. This unit has had enough taken from it since the introduction of OKW. The latest adjustments have been hard to swallow. At this point, as a player that tends to favor OKW and use Luft quite a lot, I tend to think I'd be better served with another commander choice or at least avoiding Falls in favor of Obers.

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    3 days ago
    SkazzSkazz Posts: 18
    Maybe there should be a counterthread discussion about chocktroopers op'ness
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    3 days ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 549

    3 command point
    Weapon: x6 ppsh.
    Good at close range
    Ability: frag and smoke nade share cool down
    Deploy: from base sector
    No camoflage

    2 command point
    Weapon: x2 fg / add 60 ammo for x4 fg.
    Good at all range.
    Ability: bundlenade not share cool down with smoke nade, +faust
    Deploy: from anywhere
    Can camoflage

    If you only compare the raw power between them, you dont use Fall in the right way.

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    3 days ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 549
    edited September 17

    Scenario made up:
    A Fall walk into 4 squad of Shock, Fall retreat. A Shock walk into 4 squad of camo Fall waiting to ambush, you know the result.

    A Luch accidently run into 4 squad of Shock. It can retreat alive. A T70 accidentally run into 4 squad of Fall, T70 is dead.

    Victory point is nearly drop to 0, deploy a Shock won help. Drop Fall right only Vic point does help

    A Shock walk into MG, throw a smoke then walk back.a Fall walk into MG, throw a smoke then throw a bundle nade that deal x2 damage.

    I thought they decide to drop mp cost from 380 to 320mp with no additional ammo for x2 FG. But they does, so im not complain on Fall anymore

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    3 days ago

    @Chard if you think just because a unit is getting nerfs, it should get a price decreased, then a lot of Allied forced should cost around 40 MP less, since they have been getting nerfs since the New Commanders Patch, meanwhile Axis forces were getting buffs. However that is not the case sadly, I would love to see overly nerfed Guard Rifles cost 300 or 320 mp but I already told you ..

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    2 days ago
    ChardChard Posts: 124

    @Patrol_Omega said:
    @Chard if you think just because a unit is getting nerfs, it should get a price decreased, then a lot of Allied forced should cost around 40 MP less, since they have been getting nerfs since the New Commanders Patch, meanwhile Axis forces were getting buffs. However that is not the case sadly, I would love to see overly nerfed Guard Rifles cost 300 or 320 mp but I already told you ..

    What? I never said that. You're making stuff up.

    Also, this isn't' a discussion about other units. It is only about Falls and the Luft doctrine. Stay on topic or go cry about whatever it is you're crying about in another thread.

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    2 days ago
    I played some OKW yesterday.

    Honestly I think fallschimjager is pretty dam close to where it needs to be.
    They did get a nerf earlier in the game but with munitions and vet they scale much better later Into the game I think should be appealing to both allies and axis.

    The only added advantage they have is being able to destroy rocket trucks behinde enemy lines with faust bundle grenade and caustic smoke.

    I had a game where if the enemy didn't happen to have troops moveing past me to the front lines I could have gotten possibly all three katushas.

    Guard squads seem pretty dang sturdy in my opinion takeing on obers in another game I had and caused me to be very careful with luches as well so they seem to be ok to me not at all seemed weak.

    Only thing that I'm iffy with is 3cp paratroopers. I think they cost 140 munitions for two lmg and just slightly better than fallschimjager surviving with possibly 2 models of six that's a bit of a manpower bleed for the cost put Into them and less utility they might be better if using suppression but still you have to specifically target each squad so it is iffy.
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    2 days ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 549
    edited September 18

    Actually 2x M1919 cost 120ammo. And Paratrooper is the only squad able to fire on the move with LMG.

    To me, 2x M1919 for Paratrooper is not really worth, and should only used if the battle is on somewhere like the North of Steppes. Otherwise, 4x Thompson is a much better choice. Give Para some deadly corner flanking, I once had a Para whip 4 Gren squads with tactical assault. The best thing about Para that they can throw grenade without disrupt 4x Thompson firepower, as 4 models shooting while the other 2 models can do something else. But thats Paratrooper, 360mp & 90ammo doing only AI role, have to be great at their job.

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    2 days ago
    @C3Tooth ok so they have somewhat cheaper lmg compaired to infantry company.
    I'm not sure about the fire on the move since you should be staying near max range other than chasing down retreating squads but it does help then.

    Thompson tactical assault seems ok I guess but I can only see this being used as an ambush tactic due to the received damage increase as long as the enemy is not quick to react and target your squad.

    But I agree you might see better results with thompsons.
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    3 hours ago
    HingieHingie Posts: 1,987
    Shocks also have 1.5 armour, a relevant detail you casually omitted.
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