September Patch Grenadiers durability

4 months ago

In version 1.2 of September Patch there is an Experimental change to increase grenadiers durability, and im glad they are they are addressing this issue. However, I don't think a vet 3 damage reduction is going to solve the problem so i have a different idea make Grenadiers a 5 model squad.

Current Grenadiers

squad size: 4

weapon damage: 16
total damage 64 (5 shots to kill)*

reinforce cost per model: 30 (total cost if squad is reduced to 1 model: 90)

New Grenadiers

squad size: 5

weapon damage: 14
total damage 70 (6 shots to kill)*

reinforce cost per model: 26 (total cost if squad is reduced to 1 model: 104)

*Assuming all shots hit and the target is not in green cover


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    4 months ago

    That would be cool honestly.

    They are utterly vulnerable to indirect fire and give too much credit to Allies who are using the Sniper.

    I think this idea is something that they should really test out and see. Good idea.

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    4 months ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 683

    Its stupid how some infantry get damage modified so they will not suddenly whipped by a random mortar. Which come for small squad like Gren or Ranger that get 0.9 damage
    While 6 men still get whipped by a random mortar when stay in cover.

    The design of taking damage between different infantries should be only Damage taken modify from the start, not Receive accuracy.

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