For CoH3, what factions would you like to see?

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With people talking about adding factions to CoH2, I thought that it would be nice to put all of those ideas into one place but for CoH3. Here, there are two eras that players can throw their faction ideas into: World War 2 and Modern-ish Conflicts (Vietnam to 2030). I know that there are a lot of players who don't want Company of Heroes to go modern but if it did, what factions would you like to see? The reason I go to 2030 is to give the players the chance to add factions in a made up conflict without going too far into the future.
A few things:
-You can come up with factions for both eras.
-Limit 6 factions per era. ( You are obviously not obligated to come up with that many)
-A very short description of the faction if needed.
-A campaign idea description (I believe that each faction should have their own full campaign with 20-25 missions with cut scenes/cinematics and an actual story.)
-OPTIONAL: If set in modern times after 2020, you can create a short description of world events as to why there is conflict.

My example below:

World War Two
-Afrika Korps (Axis) Description: The Nazi army that fought in North Africa alongside the Italians. Campaign: Help shore up defenses with the Italians and gain victories against the British Commonwealth forces but then shows their retreat as the Allies gained victory after victory.

-Italy- (Axis) Description: The Italian armed forces of WW2. Campaign: Follows the Italians through North Africa, Sicily, and fighting on the Italian mainland, eventually becoming the National Republican Army near the end of the campaign and fighting on the Anzio Frontlines.

-Empire of Japan- (Axis) Description: The Japanese Armed Forces of WW2. Campaign: The Japanese invasions of the South Pacific and some Asian mainlands and ends a few battles after the Pearl Harbor attack. (Personal Note: I believe the Japanese campaign should not shy away from the brutality of the Japanese forces during their conquests.

-USMC- (Allies) Description: The United States Marine Corp of WW2. Campaign: Picking up around where the Japanese campaign left off, the USMC does the famous island hoping campaign in the Pacific Theater.

-Australian Armed Forces- (Allies) Australian Forces of WW2. Campaign: Not a lot of people talk about Australia's involvement in WW2 like in the North African campaigns or in the Pacific Theater so I think that the Australian campaign should be based off of real events and people to help tell their story.

-Republic of China- (Allies) Description: Nationalist Chinese forces of WW2. Campaign: The constant retreat of Chinese forces due to the government more concerned about killing the Chinese Communists until a turn around point when America gives China aid and troops and push back the Japanese forces. Battling with Chinese Communist rebels should be seen in the campaign but only 3-4 missions.

Modern (Mid 2020's to 2030)
In 2021, major conflicts arose as China began their conquest of the South China Sea after failing for a third time to claim them through the U.N. citing historical rights. During this same time, fighting between India and Pakistan starts over the Kashmir region which quickly spread to all along the border these two countries shared. In America, strife and political discord are abundant and with most of American armed forces in the Middle East or South Pacific, anti-Capitalist rebels start America's second civil war.

-China- Description: Communist Chinese forces of the modern day. Campaign: Shows the start and initial success of the conquest of the South China Sea, the coastal countries of the South China Sea, and Taiwan.

-ANZUS- Description: Agreement between Australia, New Zealand, and the United States to co-operate on military matters in the Pacific Ocean region. Campaign: Fighting back against the very hostile Chinese conquest and pushing the Chinese out of the South China Sea area, their man made islands, and liberating Taiwan forcing all Chinese forces back to the mainland.

-India- Description: Modern Indian military forces. Campaign: Forceful takeover of both the India and Pakistan regions of Kashmir. After Pakistan declares war on India, the campaign focuses on India pushing to and taking Islamabad.

-Pakistan- Description: Modern Pakistan military forces. Campaign: After declaring war on India for their complete takeover of the Kashmir regions, Pakistan tries to take back their Kashmir region and fails. They now focus most of their main forces on breaching the Radcliffe Line defenses and push to New Delhi.

-Rebel Militia- Description: Pro-Communism/Socialism, anti-America Americans. Campaign: Wholeheartedly believing that America has actually become a fascist state and wanting to establish Communist/Socialist rule, the rebels take up the arms they have been stockpiling for the last few years and start taking over towns. Realizing they will not be able to take over the whole country, they try to take over everything West of the Rocky Mountains.

-Patriot Coalition- Description: Pro-Capitalism, Pro-America Americans. Campaign: Seeing these rebels as traitors, these Americans form numerous militias, called the Patriot Coalition by the American media, with the weapons they own to take on the Rebels as the majority of American military forces are overseas. The Patriot Coalition fight the main rebel forces by pushing through their defenses in the Rocky Mountains and push West to California where the Rebel capital is and leaders are. (Note: Just because this faction is Pro-Capitalism/Pro-America does not mean they are pro-government forces.)

**Notes about the American Civil War factions: I have no idea as what could be used as heavy vehicles for the Rebels and Patriots since I doubt either side would have tanks. There would be a small variety of light and medium? vehicles like different types of technicals (improvised fighting vehicle) ranging from a pickup truck with a heavy machine gun (Rebels)/ Hummer with heavy machine gun on top (Patriots) to some unique vehicles that might be considered medium vehicles (at least with this scenario) like a modified armored cash van with vehicle treads and a machine gun on top (Rebel APC) and M113 APC's that were either taken from military graveyards or outdated ones were given to the Patriot Coalition by the U.S. military. Could take vehicle ideas from current civil wars and Americanize them? I know that this idea would most likely never work but I personally like the idea and think it would be an interesting change of pace. I would also want this idea to stay away from current political strife, names of people, and names of current groups/organizations (Trump, Leftist, Right Wing, ANTIFA, etc.) even though the political leanings of each side could be implied, any direct mention of political leanings (Left Wing, Right Wing) should try and be avoided. Pro-Communism/Socialism American 'Rebels' vs Pro-Capitalism American 'Patriots' is what it should basically boil down to. Commanders would have access to unique/creative vehicles and units. (Modified Cropdusters (nicknamed Ravens?) can be used as air support like strafing runs with heavy machine guns, dropping bomb(s) and recon runs. This idea is loosely based on the A-29 Super Tucano.)


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