[ALL] we need more ambush unit counter option

6 months ago

Currently, the option to counter unit (that I aware off) is consist of light armor that get camo detection buff. Such as m3a1 Kubal or UC but most of them are a light vehicle problem is yes it might be ok at the early game but in mid to late game that every my have multiple At or armor on the field. Let said you are soviet and you face stormtrooper now you mainly have 2 option which is recon plane(commander lock+expensive for 1-time detection) or M3a1 which cost 15 fuel. Player m3a1 in a 20-30 min game is extremely hard because they are very easy to kill and will lead to fuel drain which further slows your tech.


-Add camo unit detection tool upgrade to all engineer make it unique upgrade which is means once upgrade it will lock away flame thrower and minesweeper so there is some opportunity cost.
-make it as timing ability that has 10-sec activation with sniper range time because if we make it passive it will destroy ambush unit gameplay.

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