[SOV] soviet need better healing method

4 months ago


It is obvious that soviet have the biggest squad size and recently get a new conscript upgrade which increases squad size to 7 men which further imply that soviet strategies rely on the number. But at the current stage soviet suffers from limited healing that does not support their huge squad size. New upcoming sprint medic would surely increase 1-1 heal life quality but it still not change that 3 single healing does not support soviet mass infantry play and soviet need mass heal to support their bigger squad size.

To make it easier to understand the picture we need to compare soviet to other faction
-werh have no problem with 3 medic healing because they have 4 man squad
-okw get vet passive heal that can heal whild moving
-US get mass heal
-UK also get mass heal than can heal infantry on the move plus having 3 medics single heal as an additional option.

So why soviet which is the faction that relies the most on of overwhelming the enemy when mass infantry is stuck with arguably the worst healing in the game?


1 add in medic second medic upgrade to HQ call "advance medic tool" upgrade which changes the medic effect to area heal with the cost 100 am 30 ammunition or 100 mp 15 feul. But according to the patch that would require additional upgrade which cost feul to unlock 7 men upgrade i would suggest that we should not add more feul cost to the tech.

2 add in medic second medic upgrade to HQ call "medic reserve upgrade which changes the medic number to 6 with the cost 100 mp 30 ammunition or 200 mp


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    4 months ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 683
    I believe as their original design, medic was be there to heal Sniper or elite infantry. Wait them to heal Cons is a waste of time which force player keep going forward and sacrifice Cons.

    In the opposite Ost healing is resource consuming (which actually West armies healing options are even more resource requirements)

    I think we just make 200mp per 3 medic up to 9 max
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    4 months ago

    Penals, Guard Rifles, Shock Troops, Zis, Maxim and Mortar are all 5 or more squad size and it takes forever to wait for them to be fully healed before returning them to the front line. Totally contrasting Axis healing method which allows them to return to the front lines so much sooner.

    To compensate for the years of unbalance jhealing method just add 1 more medic per HQ build (max 6 or 5) at no additional cost.

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    4 months ago
    NapoqeNapoqe Posts: 60
    edited August 2019

    The Soviets are stuck at the base to heal themselves. T-UP the idea of Patrol_Omega. I think it would be way to leave a balanced Soviet heal.
    But I only disagree at max to go to 7.

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    4 months ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 683

    Note that:
    Soviet healing is the worst, but the upgrade is permanent. Thats why it has high price.
    Too many Medic model leads to body blocking which will not work.
    Dont forget Medic heal is double faster than area heal.

    There must be a good way to balance between price, number of models & tier up.
    But whatever the change is, as long as Soviet has more than just 3 Medic, I will take it.

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    4 months ago

    Is it not getting improved in the patch?

    From what I recall, it will be more efficient across all factions the medics especially for SU.

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    4 months ago

    Maybe it should cost ammo to acquire additional medics.

    Since SU has so much ammo usually in reserve.

    Why not have additional medics option that costs some ammo.

    Maybe even switch the Vet 1 ability between Grenadiers (OST) and Conscripts, except Conscripts heal should be free, just has a long cooldown but can provide health aura similar to Tommies Med kit.

    Since OST has no use for having med kit

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    4 months ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 683

    The problems of Soviet isnt on Medics. Medics heal really fast, though with the number of models in each squad makes the heal progress each squad actually 25-50% longer than other factions.
    The body block because too many models is 2nd problem
    o The biggest one is Soviet has no other healing option.

    Actually healing option between Soviet & Ost are quite balance, for Soviet is super cheap but limited, Ost is costly (150mp & 60ammo; or 1 squad healing that cost 25ammo).
    Until West armies heal options coming, Ost med kit & Soviet Medics seems really dull.

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    4 months ago

    @Omintail321 said:
    Thank for the useful feedback guys

    No problemo.

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