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9 months ago
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I understand the bad Churchill in the update are going to do even worse to the poor AXIS to make easier to destroy him.

But you know what, considering how many now in the midst of every battle runs Panzergrenadiears naturally with panzershreks, the ones who, unlike the shit of Piat, have more damage and more penetration, and far greater accuracy, and arrive at equipment instantly, not after a long flight in the sky as the shell of Piat, but the cost of both is the same, only in rate of fire Panzershrek loses ONLY bitch in it.

They will be worsen is already shitty British infantry, because they are somewhere saw "British spam". I wonder whether the developers pay attention to THESE spam Panzergrenadiers in each fight, which due to its ability from the first star can run faster than this IMPENETRABLE Churchill can from them to leave, and they don't run near what a simple vehicles, they run around Tiger
which so kindly gave in the new tactics and smoke grenades, too, gave them, cared about poor AXIS.
If you really believe in existence the "British spam" it is better to remember that the AXIS have panzerwerfer, wurfrahmen, Brumbar, heavy machine guns buyout in suppression not inferior to any heavy machine gun of the allies, and their accurate mortars and very accurate Leigh.

Think, when you repair just one, but a powerful Tiger, Tiger ACE, or KT. Think how long time it takes to repair two or three Churchills, which can't block a no once Tiger shot, and also never penetrate Tiger.

I want to see a lot of Churchills and British infantry, but I only see the spams Panzergrenadiears.

You think the Piat maybe something doing like panzershrek? - no way!. The shells of the Piat only scatter in all directions, but not at the target, only got not penetrate, and this despite the fact that they spend more time aiming and this despite the fact that the projectile flies forever, during this time, the machine gun the tank still have time to release the turn, he will have time to shoot from the main gun, and if it is Brumbar... the squad has no chance to survive.

If you ask why it makes sense to examine the rack of weapons - only Bren for Commando, because of Piat and Bren is complete shit for British infantry, not worth half its ammo.

I don't care if that OKW players take either a new doctorine, either one of those, which has Lefh.

But Panzergrenadiere is the STANDARD troops that can both tear to pieces even IMPENETRABLE Churchill, and at the same time also tear infantry for its STG and a grenade, why the fuck are standard troops has so much potential?
Let then the Partisans will be two panzershrek, and the Royal engineers will be uprgraded of 4 Piat over 100 ammo, so it will be something like balance. Because playing without the elite units of the type Commando or Shock troops against the AXIS impossible now. And now, even the vehicles of Soviets does not help, never more.

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