New Commanders for OKW, USF, and British.

9 months ago

The Soviets and Wehrmacht have a lot of commanders to choose from and I think that the OKW, USF, and British Forces should get another Commander made up by the community to add to their rosters. I would love to see ideas from the community.

Here's my ideas for these three factions:

U.S. Forces

Tactical Assault Company

0 CP - Urban Assault Kits: Rear Echelon Squads can be upgraded with rifle grenade launchers while Riflemen are equipped with incendiary devices.

0CP - Assault Engineers: An Assault Engineer squad with short range sub machine guns can be ordered in to the battlefield.

3CP - Paratroopers: Paratroopers are elite infantry that are often deployed behind enemy lines to tackle key objectives and sow confusion.

4CP - P47 Recon Run: Available planes will fly a high speed loiter of the targeted area.

6CP-Rocket Run: A P-47 Thunderbolt will strafe the target position with rockets. (Ability from the Ardennes Assault campaign)

This commander is made up from my idea of an 'invasion commander' due to America's famous landings, not to diminish the huge role our allies played in these invasions, like at Sicily, Normandy beaches, and the Pacific island hopping campaign. Not to mention all the invasion maps made up by the community. Use the Urban Assault Kits and Assault Engineers to clear obstacles and enemy fortified positions while using the Paratroopers and Rocket Run alongside the P47 Recon Run to sow chaos behind enemy lines.

OberKommando West

Crackdown Doctrine

0 CP - Assault Package: Sturmpioneers can upgrade to Flammenwerfer 35 Flamethrower while Volksgrenadiers can be equipped with MP40s and a variety of grenades.

0 CP - Flammpanzer 38 'Hetzer': The Flammpanzer 38 is a jagdpanzer 38 modified with a Keobe Flamethrower in place of the main gun.

2 CP - Heavy Fortifications: Sturmpioneers can construct tank traps, flak emplacements, and trenches.

8 CP - LeFH 18 Artillery: This light 10.5cm field Howitzer doesn't have the destructive power of some Soviet artillery, but it counters with a good rate of fire and reasonably long range.

12 CP - Sector Assault: Stukas will automatically recon and attack enemy units in the designated area.

This commander is for breaking down stalemates and enemy choke points. Use the Assault Package and Flammpanzer 38 to burn infantry out of cover and buildings with the assistance of the LeFH 18 Artillery and Sector Assault to help take out enemy vehicles and their infantry.

British Forces

Assault Support Regiment

0 CP - Assault Section Upgrade: Infantry Sections can be equipped with assault packages.

3 CP - Forward Logistics Glider: Deploy a Forward Glider Headquarters with an Airlanding Officer to the targeted sector. The headquarters provides additional Commandos, Medics, and reinforcements.

8 CP - Anti-Building Flame Mortar Support: The target area will be steadily bombarded by 9.75-inch flame mortar rounds that are devastating to ambient buildings.

8 CP - Land Mattress: Deploy a Land Mattress rocket artillery.

12 CP - Air Supremacy Operation: A recon plane will be sent ahead before being followed up by attack planes. Heavy bombers will then deliver their payload over the target area.

This commander is for supporting front line operations. Infantry sections will get assault packages to help them on the battlefield while flame mortars, rocket artillery, and air units support infantry and armored vehicles on the battlefield.

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