Foliage as Ambush camo

1 year ago

Greetings all.

There used to be a mod that added actual branches to the German tanks when they went into ambush mode. (They go opaque currently)

Does anyone remember the mod name or creator? I have trawled Steam & not found it again.

Either that does someone know how to do it? I was thinking to rebuild my Luftwaffe Angriff mod when the new patch stabalises, & was wanting to collaborate with a few of the good tuning mods our there to bring new life to the game.

thanks in advance.


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    9 months ago
    Don_HoloDon_Holo Posts: 2

    I believe this is in the game for some of the soviet units if they get the commander that let's AT use camo but be unable to move. If I remember correctly they use the branches etc you describe.

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